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Posted in Child Care on 8th January 2011

Child Care Assistance For Single Moms

If your child is not old enough to attend public school or your child has a disability and can not attend school for any reason, then you would have to find the adequate day care to take care of your child while you are at work or school. The government provides a listing of all the qualified daycare in your area. When you receive this listing, there are three things you need to consider.

1st, The location of the daycare. You should find a daycare, preferably, closer to your job so you may get there fast in case of an emergency. If you have someone reliable that may pick up your children in the case that you run into an emergency, then you should also consider their route to and from work.

2nd, Call the daycare and make sure they approve the government help. Sometimes the daycare rules change so call before you go.

And 3rd While you’re on the phone with the daycare ask them any questions you have, I would start of with ” How many kids per teacher are there in every classroom?” According to the age of your child the “kid to teacher” ratio should go as follows.

1 teacher to 4 children birth through 15 months of age.
1 teacher to 4 children 16 months through 23 months of age.
1 teacher to 8 children 2 years through 4 years of age.
1 teacher to 16 children 5 years through 9 years of age.

Please take the time and find the adequate daycare for your child. If for any reason you do not like a daycare, do not feel pressured to staying there, you always have the a choice of either finding another daycare or even have a family member or friend you trust take care of your child and the government will pay them for doing so. Yes, a family member can be your child care provider, they will get paid for it.

There is lots of programs created to provide single mother help. Taking the time to apply for child care assistance can provide a single mom the opportunity to be financially self-sufficient. there for, being able to provide for your child the way you always wanted.

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