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Posted in Child Care on 14th February 2011

Child Care And Single Parenting

Article by Michelle Bery

Parenting can be challenging enough but when you’re a single parent the challenges are quickly compounded. When you don’t have anyone to hand off to – to share responsibilities and workload – you can be easily overwhelmed. Single parenting comes with an extra set of challenges. And none can be more confusing then choosing appropriate and reliable child care.

Working long hours to support a family is hard enough. But when you add child care to the mix it becomes even more difficult. Single parenting absolutely requires finding supportive, flexible child care that provides your children with a loving, nurturing environment.

Luckily for those who are single parenting, there is an enormous availability of child care options today; everything from one-on-one care to child care centers and every conceivable choice in between.

Many who are single parenting prefer child care that is provided in the home by a nanny or au pair. This can be logistically beneficial as you do not have to drop off and pick up your children and their daily routine is able to be kept relatively consistent. Single parenting means that there are often enormous changes in schedules; with in-home care, you don’t have to worry about making it to a daycare center by a specific time. Additionally, children of those who are single parenting are offered a higher level of stability with this arrangement.

The pitfalls of in-home care, of course, are that you are reliant on one caregiver and the checks and balances are minimal. This situation requires putting a vast amount of trust into one person. It can also be extremely expensive. But if you are able to find the right person – and can manage the financial end of it – it can be priceless.

Daycare centers also offer a haven for those who are single parenting. Because you are reliant on a group of caregivers, rather than just one person, you have an even greater level of support. If one caregiver is sick there are others who are there to watch the children. This situation also offers children a chance to socialize; it can be like a second family.

However, the downfalls of a daycare situation are high turnover among the staff and an increased probability of sickness among the children.

Small, in-home child care providers offer a situation that falls somewhere between care by a nanny and daycare center programs. Many times these in-home care situations are provided by stay-at-home-moms who offer to watch other children to earn extra money. This can be a really great situation for those who are single parenting. This is often much more affordable than care provided by a nanny but offers a smaller, more intimate setting than a daycare center.

Single parenting is a tough job. But it certainly can be made easier by ensuring that your children are safe and loved with high-qualitydaycare.

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