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Posted in Child Support on 6th February 2014

Cheating boyfriend: (
I have a suspicion that he may be cheating (or at least dishonest with me in general) had. Today he left his cell phone at home (we live together) and on a whim I went through his phone and found some text messages that confirm my suspicions. I saw messages talking about how “hot” he thinks certain girls and messages that say he was at a strip club goes on a night when he told me he was doing something else. Way back when we first got together much I saw him even a message that a girl sleeping on writing … I just saw a message to sleep and it was very long ago, maybe even before we officially a couple … but he speaks with this girl, so of course I’m worried. I feel really stupid and I’m not sure what to do. We live together and I’m 5 months pregnant with his child. I have not confronted him yet, I’m not even sure what to say. I just need some advice from someone who has been there. I’m really excited = (To B-I do not know that he is cheating on me before we moved in together … I went through the phone today and found this all out today. The text message I referred to him was in September of last year just around the time we have together sent. What is me that the two of them to talk regularly. I had no reason to believe that she was nothing going on until I saw today this text. I hadnt the slightest idea before = (And I feel sad that I through his cell phone … But if you suspect and if you ask him about it and he denies, you sometimes do crazy things best answer (s).:

by sad answer
Awwww I know wat must feel! This guy should at least realize ur pregnant! I think you should confront him! Ask and make him swear by him! Why do not you simply choose the number and talk to women who idiotic it is always! and warn them! Maybe she is not even aware of you!

Answer by Heather D
Oh sh * t. Prego with his child? That makes it even schwieriger.Ich would say his apology dump a $ $ . What you really want out of it? You want to confess to him? Stop Cheating? Well honey, you can not change, but each creator. It is obvious that, if he acts no respect for you or the baby in this way. Not a great father to have around your child. ‘Sorry.

response of B.
knew all this before you officially a couple and yet you are still with him and with his baby too. Only those who fault is that? Best of luck. You’ll need it.

Reply spudmustang
I do not know what is more disturbing, the fact that he’s cheating, or the fact that you went through his phone. In any case, I have two words for you: “Child Support.”

Answer by ♫ You hate because I’m a Rockstar
throw him Reply SCOUSERMOUSE.
I think your the one who is worden.Es burned hands your partners phone and it’s not nice in his cell phone to suchen.Wenn he wants you to know he will let you know . who he is always news, abzusagen.Dies phone is the best way to lose your partner is by the feeling you do not trust him him him.

Reply luckyme
to leave him. You have a child to take care of now. A daughter, you increase not to think it’s okay with a man who cheats and lies his. A son, you increase not think that behavior is an acceptable way to treat a woman.

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