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What do you think of my writing and please be honest?

Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd May 2014

What do you think of my writing and please be honest?
I heard the door creep open, and in stepped Mama. She looked upon me at pity, holding that tattered photo. My eyes were raw and the hurt was ceaseless. Like a dog, I crawled to her legs and clinged; I wanted my sorrow to wash away. She crawled down to my level and wept with me. Her arms ached with the same hurt that I had.

“I’m sorry, baby. I know this isn’t fair.”

“Why couldn’t I have kept her? I would have been a good mother.”

“I know,” she sobbed, softly caressing my hair.

My dignity was depleting. My livelihood was taken. My soul was degraded. My child was stolen. A stolen innocence was to be brought up in a world of hungry wolves wanting to feed on a bastard child. Life meant nothing without our children. They were what kept the world spinning and spinning. Generation upon generation of children grew from adolescents to adults to turn our world upside down and inside-out. It was what rocked our world and kept our heads held high. But me, I had nothing to be proud of, I kept my head lurking in the shadows only to wait for my baby to come home to me.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Jessica Jonas
Very professional; I want to

Answer by spookylilgirl
bravo ! Very Good

Answer by Karen
Is she an adult? She acts like a kid at first, but then an adult? I don’t understand that….but mostly because it is out of contextt for me. otherwise it is relaly good especially with the details.

Answer by Iphigenia
You need more sentence variety, and make it flow more smoothly. Right now it’s Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. I don’t know what age group your protagonist is supposed to be, it seems like a child, then adult, and back and forth. The middle part of the last paragraph is very grand, but rather impersonal in my opinion, at least in the context of the beginning and end of that paragraph.

Answer by ★☆ L⁴☆★ [ [ Momma Mia! ] ]
Your syntax needs work. Also, “I heard” isa filter, which puts distance between the reader and the story. A simple “The door creaked open…” is fine.

In the state of Kentucky, can moving out of state cause a parent to be deemed “unfit” and cost them custody?

Posted in Working Mothers on 26th April 2014

In the state of Kentucky, can moving out of state cause a parent to be deemed “unfit” and cost them custody?
Of course, I’m asking for informal advice here but any information or links to the specific laws would be helpful. Also, don’t tell me to go ask a lawyer because the circumstances make that approach impractical.

Someone I know is 15. Let’s call her Jane (obviously not the real name). Jane lives in Kentucky with her mom, who is divorced from an abusive father who raped her at a young age and got away scot-free because he’s friends with the local law enforcement. Jane never wants to see her father again and is unhappy with where she lives. She and her mom are considering moving out-of-state to any northern state on the eastern seaboard, depending on her mother’s capability to find employment in any given area.

Jane’s only concern is the perceived threat of her father’s capability to take the case to court in an attempt to have her mother found “unfit” based on the move. He has made several attempts to do so before on different accusations, unsuccessfully.

If Jane is close to age 16 (when her opinion carries more weight to the legal system) and fully endorses moving, as does her mother, can her father really find any grounds to prevent it and even gain custody of her? Why or why not?
@going_for_baroque: I much appreciate that very helpful response! I don’t have answers to some of the info you said I didn’t include because I’m asking for a friend who shared this issue with me.

Best answer(s):

Answer by candycane
Your best thing to do is to speak with an attorney. Sometimes they can advise you at no cost.

Answer by going_for_baroque
You type long, complex sentences, but you don’t provide enough relevant info. Is there an existing court order for child support and custody? If there is any court order, the gal’s mom will need to file a motion so she can take the child out of the jurisdiction. Normally, this isn’t too much of a problem, but is a legal base everyone has to touch.

I’d guess that merely moving out of state doesn’t render the mother “unfit.” And even if a lawyer is impractical, an attorney is essential in getting some success in family court.

The gal is at an age where a family court will listen to her. Hard to give much credence to allegations of rape- if the father got charged and was acquitted, that’s all that anyone can go by. Rape doesn’t seem to be an issue, just a lever to extract sympathy. The real issue is moving out of the jurisdiction under the current court order. Without knowing more, that doesn’t seem impossible, but will require an attorney’s help in filing a motion.

OTOH, if there is no court order, then the mother can take her daughter anywhere without worry. It’ll be up to the father to dispute the movement.

Previous attempts to find the mother “unfit” will work in her favor. A good attorney could have made the father pay court costs, but that’s not really what the issue is here.

If there’s an existing custody order (every other weekend; supervised visitation) then the family court may want to be sure that allowing the child to move away will be beneficial for the child. You can come up with reasons why this should seem apparent to everyone, but the bottom line is that your rhetoric has to fall on family court ears, which have heard most stories already. … good luck!!

How do I tell my parents I want to be able to date?

Posted in Working Mothers on 20th April 2014

How do I tell my parents I want to be able to date?
Well, i’m 14 and an upcoming freshmen. I have been “with” this guy since the 8th grade. I want to tell my parents, but i’m scared. I’m the oldest in the family and have been considered the “2nd mother” since my mom always work. I’ve had 4.0 GPA throughout my middle school year and I take care of my 3 siblings daily. A lot of people say kids my age don’t know what we’re doing and in my point of view, I just want to try out “new” things. I’ve tried talking to my mom about it but she always ask, “Why do you want one?.” I’ve tried many times, but i’m too nervous. Especially my dad. Oh and this guy is a year older than I am but in the same school grade as me. He’s always gotten into honor roll and a 4.0 GPA. He’s very nice and knows his limits. What should I do? Please help, thank you 🙂

Best answer(s):

Answer by Couv Hing
tell them you have a date

Answer by Junior
Common really? Nobody asks their parents for permission to date. Just go for whoever you like without fearing. I mean come on, what can they do? Make you break up with him? Doubt it… Sides you are a freshman, lots of people start dating since they are 6th graders and stuff. XD

Answer by Brian
Tell whichever one you’re most comfortable with that you’re going somewhere with him, and tell them how wonderful he is. Make him seem like a really smart guy who’s going somewhere in life, and your parents will accept him. It’s not that you just want a boyfriend, it’s that you like this guy and you want to be closer with him, you want a relationship that isn’t just friends, because he’s special to you, and you’ve decided you don’t want to date anyone else.

Answer by Kathy Murphy
Sweetheart — You may only be 14 in years, but caring for your siblings on a daily basis has matured you. Your grades are great, keep up the good work. Seeing that your boyfriend also is a great student, tells alot about both of you. No wonder you are attracted to each other.
I’m the mother of 4, one boy and three girls, so I do know some about your problem. Try to ask your parents if it would be ok for you to date in groups or one set of parents could drive you two somewhere and pick you two up at the appointed time. I allowed my girls to group date and also dropped them off at movies, Miniature golf or things they were interested in. Maybe he could hang out @ your house for a day so your parents could get to know him.
Good Luck.

Answer by dulceaide8
You sound like the perfect daughter, sister and student
just tell your parents that you like this guy and that you both are good
students and that you being in this “relationship” with this guy won’t affect
your school or relationship with your siblings. They should know that you are
mature enough to determine if you want to date or not.

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