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How can I get my 2 year old to sleep in her own bed and sleep through?

Posted in Toddlers on 22nd June 2014

How can I get my 2 year old to sleep in her own bed and sleep through?
She wont get in her own bed and when she finally does she wakes up three or four times even if she in bed with me or not!
She has always gone to bed on her own in her own room since she was born! its only been since august she’s started to create!

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Answer by girly_not_girly
well u should have started her sleeping in her own room when she was a bit smaller and no put her in her room in the bed read her a book then say goodnight and leave and if she starts screming leave her and she will learn that is were she has to sleep at night now ok

Answer by waltzang
isn’t 2 still a young age for a child to sleep alone?

let her do some physical play activities in late afternoons to tire her out (as well as build her muscles and bones).

add a drop of brandy in her milk before she goes to bed.

Answer by edenwho
my son did the same thing he will still get yp sometimes but not as mush now. We give him a good size snack an hour or so befor bed it helps he fells full through the night. And at the same time I did talk to our doctor about why he would get up off and on my doc suggested that we bur him down with baby lotion at bed time to to help relax his little body kinda a growing pain thing. Best of luck to you.

Answer by maslyn_jl
We have been having the same problem with our 2 year old son. he will sleep very well if he is in bed with us but he won’t sleep in his own bed. We finally gave in and started letting him sleep on his little couch that is in his room…he likes sleeping there. I am not sure why but he prefers to sleep on the couch. He also hates it when we are sleeping with him…I have spent several nights sleeping on the floor of his bedroom instead of in my bed. I am hoping it is just a phase and will pass soon!!

Good luck!

Answer by Kayla D
Keep trying to put her in her own bed. I am not a fan of letting a child just cry, but keep trying. If you need to, put an air mattress in her room and sleep in there with her until she is comfortable again. If this doesn’t work, you might pick up the “No Cry sleep solution for toddlers” by Elizabeth Pantley. Its a great book!

Breastfeeding : Why does my son demand so much milk?!(driving me insane. help)?

Posted in Toddlers on 17th June 2014

Breastfeeding : Why does my son demand so much milk?!(driving me insane. help)?
He constantly cries for the breast 24/7 even if he is hungry or just finished his milk. Why is he so in demand for my breast milk?

He nurses about 12 times a day and its 12 months.
I would like to quit, but I love nursing him. However, I wish we could do it once a day.

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Answer by the_emrod
Is he getting a full and normal diet of solids? If he is then it’s just a habit!

Answer by justanothamotha
This is quite normal for some babies as they just seem to love it. Doing it once a day isn’t realistic to maintaining any supply, but for sure you can reduce it if you wish to a more livable level for you.

Here is all kinds of info. http://kellymom.com/category/ages/after12mo/ You might like to read “Mothering Your Nursing Toddler” too – it will help.

Answer by Amanda_M87
If he’s twelve months old, breast milk alone is not going to be enough to sustain his hunger and nutrient levels. You need to give him more solid foods.

Answer by AAA
thats because you offer him. At this age it is quiet possible to reduce the number of breastfeeds.


also read the tips for night breastfeeding http://www.breastfeeding-made-easy.com/baby-sleep.html

Answer by Ellen
Babies of this age have a variety of nursing behaviors. If you want to alter you child’s nursing behavior, you can, gently and slowly. You can change your routine so that you are busy outside of the house and your baby is busy and distracted. You can offer small snacks and drinks before your child wants to nurse. You can change your furniture around so that his favorite spots to nurse are no longer available. You can start teaching “nursing manners” so that he knows that you won’t nurse in public, but will when you get home.. You can read to him while he’s sitting on your lap.

At this age nursing-to the baby-is less about the milk and more about reassurance, comfort and body contact with Mama. If he is in the house all day with you, he may want to nurse because he doesn’t have enough other activities. He may be getting thirsty. Or he may just be getting “back in touch” with you.

You can read more about the weaning process on kellymom.com or the La Leche League website. There is also an excellent book available called “Mothering Your Nursing Toddler”.

What can I get a two year old with a broken ankle?

Posted in Toddlers on 15th June 2014

What can I get a two year old with a broken ankle?
My friend’s toddler broke her ankle on Friday. She can’t be on her feet for 6 weeks. Any ideas what kind of toys or videos I could get her to help keep her occupied for at least a bit?

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Answer by Jacob W
O that poor little girl! How awful. I am sure she will make a full recovery. I have a beautiful two year old granddaughter. She is quite a handful.

I am sure plenty of people will provide lots of good ideas to keep her occupied. I will pray for her parents that they will be granted the patients to deal with her needs. It will not be easy!


Answer by sroyals86
get her a wagon so she can sit in it but still be around everyone and go with people even though she cant walk. try baby dolls, finding nemo, coloring books and spending time with her if she is stuck in her bed or on the couch so she doesnt want to try to get up… its just a few ideas hope they help

Answer by Lone Wolf
I really like Sroyal’s idea for the wagon… make sure it’s padded on the bottom, and she can go anywhere.

Movies are pretty easy. Some of the older movies (VHS or DVD) you can probably rent a bunch for cheaper at the video store, of the old Disney movies. Coloring and fingerpainting (Crayola Color Wonders is awesome – no color streaks!). Or try making vanilla pudding fingerpaint; use food coloring in it. She can color on paper with a tray on her lap, and then eat it when she’s done. Or try making sock puppets with her, and either hold a show for her, or with her for her mom/dad/siblings!

I wish her well, and her parents’ much luck. I have a 2 1/2 year old myself — they do NOT like to stay still!

Answer by starfire978
there are several toddler “laptops” that are educational and will keep her occupied for hours. Also plenty of coloring books and a new pack of crayons is a classic. If her parents have a computer maybe a toddler software program would help keep her occuppied.
Also let her mom know a great way to keep her from messing with the cast or brace is to wrap it with an ace bandage and give her washable markers to color the bandage. Keep a couple of different bandages around and wash them as they get full of her doodles.
Also wooden puzzles for toddlers are always a hit with little ones.

Answer by eri
A nice book with flaps would be good, or a giant coloring pad Crayola has a really big one with box of big crayons, or PLAY-DO… can be messy but will keep her entertained!

Answer by eve
So sorry! One thing is for sure, she can spend hours with books and be occupied and learn so much. There are so many great books out there and many of them come in board book form so she can hold them and look at them and no one has to worry about her ripping pages. She can look at them on her own and hopefully people will read to her often. Just go to your local bookstore and pick out whatever you like yourself. I could make suggestions but, you almost can’t go wrong just going to the children’s section and finding what looks good to you. She can’t have too many books!

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