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Women Divorce Lawyers Harrisonburg Virginia:Child Support

Posted in Child Support on 24th November 2010

Women Divorce Lawyers Harrisonburg Virginia:Child Support

Women Divorce Lawyers Harrisonburg Virginia:Child Support
by www.HarrisonburgDivorce.com

For the most part, child support payments are used for the ordinary expenses of food, shelter, clothing, education and medication needs for the children only. When determining an award of child support, a court in Harrisonburg Virginia will look at all relevant facts upon the following issues:

The Needs of the children are a top concern for the courts in Harrisonburg, VA. For example, a child with a medical condition or a developmentally disabled child will often require a higher level of child support than a healthy child.

The Age of the Children is also a consideration when determining child support payments in Harrisonburg VA. Infants and younger children often cost less to support than older children, however daycare costs, which can be significant, will also be taken into account. Older children have many varying needs, and are looked at on a case by case basis.

The ability of the non custodial parent to pay is also a consideration when the judge in Harrisonburg calculates child support. The court is limited in awarding child support by the ability of a parent to pay based on income from all sources. The new spouse’s earnings are only applicable if they are hiding assets or the paying parent is pleading that they are unable to pay due to debts or custodial parent is trying to show voluntary impoverishment. Generally your ability to pay does not include calculations of bills and debts such as car payments, credit cards, or any other non-essential item.

The earning capacity of the custodial parent will be taken in to account when calculating the amount of child support. Both parents have the responsibility to support their children, not just the parent paying child support. Thus, the earnings or earning capacity of the custodial parent will also be considered when determining child support levels. The custodial parent is not off the hook financially just because they have been awarded custody.

The Other Responsibilities of the Parents are also considered by the judge in Harrisonburg Virginia. The other lawful responsibilities of both parents will also be looked into in determining child support. For example, if the non custodial parent is paying child support from a previous marriage (a common occurrence these days), the court will take that obligation into consideration. Necessities of life, such as rent and food will also be taken into account by the court. However, the court will not reduce child support payments to make it easier for the parent to pay discretionary obligations or luxuries. For example, a parent cannot provide for a charity or buy an expensive car at the expense of providing for his or her own children.

To assist the court in determining the proper amount of support, both parties will be required by the court to prepare a financial

Child Support in Rhode Island -Soup to Nuts! Establishing, Modifying, Enforcing,contempt,terminating

Posted in Child Support on 24th November 2010

Child Support in Rhode Island -Soup to Nuts! Establishing, Modifying, Enforcing,contempt,terminating

Rhode Island Child Support from Soup To Nuts by a Rhode Island Attorney

This article, written by a Rhode Island family law lawyer explains in detail the following Rhode Island Child support Issues: Establishing, modifying, terminating, enforcing, contempt, college, daycare, overtime as well as an explanation of the RI support guidelines!!

Establishing Rhode Island Child Support:

How is Rhode Island  (RI) Child Support determined in divorce cases, paternity cases, and child visitation cases?

In most cases, it is set by the “Rhode Island  Family Court Child Support Formula and Guidelines”. In the vast majority of cases in Rhode Island,  the minimum Rhode Island child support guideline amount is used..

However,  a parent has the right to seek more then the minimum guidelines because the guidelines are supposed to be the minimum amount a parent will receive as child support. In Theory, The Guidelines are intended to be the floor rather then the ceiling for child support. In actuality, the minimum guidelines are used in the vast majority of Rhode Island  cases.

The court is entitled to look at the assets of a party in determining child support. The Family Court can also look at extraordinary expenses of either party and can look at the needs and expenses of the parties. The Court can look at any circumstances the judge believes appropriate. If a person is underemployed or refusing to work when capable of working then the court can determine the earning capacity of the party. Some Judges consistently go over the minimum guidelines.

The Rhode Island guidelines uses an income shares model in which the  adjusted gross income of both parents are used to determine the correct amount of child support. Essentially, the guidelines look at the combined adjusted Gross income of both parties. Adjusted gross income means the gross income of a party with certain required deductions from gross income for medical insurance & dental insurance.  Another required deduction is for additional minor dependants (children). There are also certain discretionary deductions that some judges may allow such as life insurance costs.

After determining the combined adjusted gross income of the parties, the Rhode Island Guidelines should be utilized to determine what the state of Rhode Island believes that two parents with that amount of adjusted gross income would pay for support if the parents were still residing together. After that number is determined daycare expenses are added onto that amount.

The non custodial parent pursuant to the minimum guidelines should be obligated to pay a percentage of that amount set forth above that is the same same percentage of that persons adjusted gross income to the total adjusted gross income of both parties.

For example: If Mom makes 00 a month and dad makes 00 a month and each has 0 dollars of medical

“Fatherhood” has been replaced by “child support” in modern politically correct society?

Posted in Child Support on 24th November 2010

“Fatherhood” has been replaced by “child support” in modern politically correct society?
Do you believe that “fatherhood” has been replaced by “child support” in modern feminized politically correct society?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Maria
I was just going to tell you that you forgot to add “feminized”.

Answer by johnny
Not spoken like a father at all…

Answer by Amazing Mellie
Perhaps to a certain extent, yes.

However, if a father wants to see their children that bad, then he will make every effort to do it. My father did.

Answer by klutz [:
no, my father is divorced and PAYS child support for me but believe me his is in my life.

Answer by Rebel Yell
That would be great. I do not know what a modern feminized politically correct society is though. Would rather see a sane society. That would be a great start.

Answer by Sophie B
Neither would be an issue if everyone spent enough time making decisions…..

Answer by Miss Andry
LOL Maria! They’re robots who parrot catch words and phrases; for a long time it was “female supremacist” and now “feminized society” and “political correctness” are in vogue. They just recycle the same crap, it goes round and round and round.

Imagine if you put all that energy you guys use up whining to good use. But no, and this highlights the Achilles heel in the so-called “masculinist” movement.

Its just about the whining.

Answer by lily
It’s the fathers own damn fault then for not being there for their child.

Answer by johno
I wouldn’t pay it, I would just look after the child myself, it would be cheaper.

Answer by erin
Only if the father lets that happen.

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