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Can you give me information on Dalmatian?
How Wikipedia Can the information post directly on here please and thank you Best Answer (s):

answer bc
The Dalmatian is a breed of dog known for its white coat with either black or liver spots. Although other color variations exist, others will be black or liver colored markings are a disqualification in purebred Dalmatians. The famous spotted coat is unique to the Dalmatian breed, no other purebred dog breed wearing flashy spotted markings. The breed has to originate their name from the Croatian province of Dalmatia, where it is believed.

Reply shaneebug
Before you get a Dalmatian, here’s what you should know about the breed., You get very large, very quickly, “They are cute little puppies like the one you are for a very short time to see in the film, “says Pati Dane, founder of the Dalmatian Rescue in North Miami Beach, Florida. “Then in six months to a year, can save as much as 65, 70 pounds.” Dalmatian – one of the oldest breeds of dogs – were grown in Europe for its size and speed. They were working dogs, whose job it was to run alongside horse and protect the occupants from Wegelagerern.Aufgrund its size, it has also useful in clarifying the crowded streets of the city for carriages. That was one reason, Dalmatian fire department mascot was in the days of horse-drawn carriages fire, Dalmatian functioned as a kind of four-legged siren, clearing other animals and dogs out of the way. “They were large enough to interfere with other dogs to discourage the horses, says Charles J. Garvin, a Dalmatian breeder and president of the Dalmatian Club of America.” Your size would keep other dogs away. “They are high energy – high maintenance, too.” People need to understand: There are very active dogs – very active dogs, “says Bob Rohde from Denver (Colorado) Dumb Friends League.” They require a lot of outdoor activity with their . owners “Dalmatians need as much as an hour of exercise a day without it, they can use their pent-up energies destructive to property and harmful for people to draw in a way. mince upholstery and carpets, tear room, knocking over furniture – and knockdown insecure infants. “These animals need to be encouraged,” said Karen Rosa the American Humane Association. “When they are not, you may find they have some problems with the discipline, out of frustration and boredom.” And even it if . anything shredding, it can be dirty, “This is a dog that throws the whole year,” says Shain.Sie are certain health problems are more prone to urinary tract infections veranlagt.Dalmatiner and kidney problems Most require a special diet -., and even then Finally, many kidney stones, which can require surgery kommen.Schätzungsweise one of 10 Dalmatian is hearing impaired or deaf, what the dog can do spirited. “hearing impaired A Dalmatian is easily frightened, and it can break,” says Dane. “It can bite . “Dane is particularly concerned that people who have the new film” 102 Dalmatians “will see try puppy as key character of this film, crazy, a pure white Dalmatian with blue eyes and look like without spots buy.” These are two very strong characteristics of deafness, “says Dane.Sie can be a challenge to trainieren.Viele veterinarians and dog trainers say Dalmatians should ideally be as much as an hour a day of” getting work behavior “for the first year. most are intelligent, but as energetic that their attention spans are short. “They are not simply a trained dog,” says Shain. “This is a dog that an experienced owner who knows how you have to train dogs.” “They require appropriate training, to ensure that they know what their limits are, “says Garvin.” Something like a teenager, she can go to the limits to see what they can get away with. But there are wonderful training methods out there that can help you in most situations, especially if the dog is to start from good stock. “Dogs of smaller bearings are likely to have more severe health and behavioral problems. Most enthusiasts say prospective Dalmatian owners should buy dogs from reputable breeders, say many animal rights activists, there are many healthy, well bred puppies – and older dogs – in shelters, waiting for a good Zuhause.Beide warn before buying Dalmatian puppy from someone in a cardboard box on the sidewalk ., or to sell in the supermarket parking lot “Someone selling one for $ 50 from a box:”. “say You could” What a deal, says Dane. “It is not” They live very lange.Die average life expectancy of a Dalmatian is . 10-15 years, “So it is important that before this member to add to your family, to your household that you do the necessary homework to ensure that the dog is right for you – and that you and your lifestyle are right for the dog, “says Garvin Shain of human society is getting to the point.” The Dalmatian is a challenging race. We do not recommend Dalmatian for families with very young children. “

Answer by Eddie S
What exact information you want to know? I can tell you that Dalmatians have a hard time in recent years as a race due to poor breeding practices production had genetic defects. This is not to say that ALL Dalmatians are of poor quality because large steps have been taken to better produce recently dogs. Some general information about the breed :… White with either liver or black spots (no patches, round spots) They are sociable, stable dog, strong, active, and free from shyness you are ideally between 19 to 23 cm tall at the withers (shoulder blades)

. Answer by john k
in my experience one of the stupidest and most difficult to train the dogs convinced try with the exception of the Husky, a laboratory – shepard mix.you will not be disappointed

Answer by Richard B
Hello …. I am not a Dalmatian expert, but I am. known from tv shorts that dalmations are sometimes “very nervous” and not particularly good with children after animal specials that I’ve seen, so they need a lot of patience and attention. doing some research, including dog lovers msg boards for more details.

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Dalamtians height is 20-24 inches. your weight is 50-55 pounds., the only two colors they come in white and black and white and liver., you are recognized by the AKC and KC. They also have a pretty good tempermate, they are good with children, and they need a lot of excersize. obiously you do not need a lot of care because of the short hair.

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