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Posted in Child Care on 25th November 2010

Can you actually die from a lack of health care?
This article seems more like political posturing.

“How did little Johnny die? Was it some disease? Was he hit by a truck?”

“No. It was a lack of health care. Fourth case this week.”

Why can’t they say that children are dying from diseases which could be cured by basic health care? Either way, notice that the children dying from this “lack of health care” aren’t in America. I guess the health care here isn’t so bad after all!


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Answer by Jeff

Answer by slykitty62
Yes, you can. I hope you are never in that position. But maybe if you were, you might understand.

Answer by mrjones502003
in this country (USA) you are actually in more danger of too much health care…fear over lawsuits forces doctors to request often unnecessary tests just to cover their butts, and some of these tests are invasive and dangerous…they also like to go on hunting expeditions, testing perfectly healthy patients looking for something to treat…your best bet is to see a doctor when you’re ill, and otherwise eat apples

Answer by just plain jim
In the USA, the uninsured wait until an illness becomes an emergency so they can get free medical care.

Johnny is indeed dying because of that.

Life is so simple, but we insist on making it complicated

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Answer by David
I can see your point on wanting it stated that children are dying of a disease that could of been treated if the person had health care, but it still gets the point across. People are dying because they don’t go to the doctor or hospital because they can’t afford it. They can’t afford it because they can’t afford health care. It is a big problem in the U.S. Although it’s worse in other countries, it’s such an important issue here because we are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and yet people are dying because they can’t afford to go to the hospital.

Answer by meg
The heath care problem in the US is the increasing cost. The Government already pays for almost half the cost because so many people can not afford it, and the uninsured cost every insured person an extra $ 900 a year to cover unpaid bills. However with rare exceptions children in the US do not die from lack of care, but delayed care runs up the cost. However there are many things that are now simple to treat that children use to die of before we had antibiotics.

Answer by justagrandma
Sure you can, the problem here is affording health care if you aren’t very poor, very rich, or in a job with benefits.
Its not just children, I have a friend whose husband died when it turned out his ‘wait a bit’ heartburn turned out to be a heart attack. He was between jobs and insurance coverage, he knew medical care would run around a thousand at an ER, and of course he figured if its just heartburn he could wait rather than run up such a big bill. Wrong choice.
One he wouldn’t have made if he had had coverage.
His widow had to sell her home of thirty years.
We have great healthcare, and a lousy system of paying for it and delivering it.
We can give people drugs to make their lives so much better now, yet some heart meds can cost thousands per month, so people don’t take a whole pill, or only take some, and they die earlier.
Things like hip or knee replacements can keep people going, but, if you are under 65 and over fifty, private insurance is nearly impossible, as is anyone of any age with a history of cancer. A friend of my daughters is 35, on her second round of chemo with breast cancer, shes too ill to keep her store open, she can’t afford the illness and knows bankruptcy is ahead, if she lives.
Yes, lack of health care can kill you.

I don’t know what you can thumbs down about this post, its all true, and its not spin,or just my opinion, its what really happens and is going on.
Unless you just don’t like the truth,

Answer by Daisy
If Johnny A’s mom is getting a medical card for him, she will probably take him to the emergency room and get seen for his strep throat right away instead of making an appointment with Johnny’s dr.. This will incur a very expensive bill for the state that Johnny A lives in.

Johnny B’s parents have health insurance for him from their jobs, so they will call the dr’s office for an appointment and have the strep throat treated at a much more reasonable rate. But Johnny B’s parents are like that. They try to live a more sensible life, and don’t feel it’s the responsibility of society to care for their children. That’s why they stayed in school, work very hard, made sure that they took jobs that offered health insurance, decided that it was more important to let part of their paycheck pay for the insurance rather than use that money towards call-waiting in their phones, 500 channels on cable t.v., etc. They are just silly that way.

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