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Posted in Toddlers on 27th November 2010

Can someone please help me?

I’m 13 and still wet the bed occasionally. My friend likes to spend the night, and has never known this. He just recently found a wet “diaper” in the trash can…

God I feel so embarrased! He asked me, “why do you still wear diapers? are you a toddler?” I told him I hated him and to never talk to me again at school.

I don’t want to loose his friendship, what should I say to him? Should I feel like I wear diapers? Are goodnights technically “diapers”? Please help me…


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Answer by Good Dad
You have a problem that you don’t have any control over. If your boy can’t be a real friend and try to understand let him go. Tell your mom and dad you need to see a doc to get some help, and stop saying you hate people! Keep ya head up!

Answer by Rae
Its a bit of a tight situation now isn’t it? If that person is truly your friend I think he would understand your reasons . Maybe its because you’re unconsciously releasing fluids that are not needed in your body at tI’mes like that but at least you should hear out what he has to say about it maybe he can help you out in any way. I think he just asked you that out of curiosity and maybe he intends to help you out. You won’t loose anything and you tell im the truth about it.

Answer by ateneo4ever
Cool I’m 13 too female.

Hmm i don’t know why u still wet the bed. But what i did was to stop wetting the bed is before i sleep, i use the toilet and let everything out. hahaha. but before that, if i need to drink, i drink first. then i go to sleep. HOPE THIS HELPS!! 🙂

Answer by Alesana
dont worry, nobody is perfect !
so yeh, he’s ur friend dude so
just tell him straight up that u still need
diapers i mean be honest, and if he was ur
true friend he’ll understand

Answer by anon
Go and find him and talk to him honestly. The sooner the better. Explain that it is a medical problem and that you are embarressed that’s why you acted like you did. If he is a friend worth having he will understand. I had a friend who wet her bed all through highschool and it was never an issue with our group of friends. She couldn’t help it and it has nothing to do with being a great person:-)

Okay this is a easy one, first you must be totally committed to fixing this problem, you just need a few days of teaching yourself bladder control, you will do this by starting in the morning and filling your bladder then forcing yourself to hold it in until you can’t stand it anymore then go pee on and off until you are empty, this will take time and you will need to stay near a restroom, this will teach you bladder to empty only when you let it, you will be okay it is all in the control. and about your friend lose his insensitive butt, you need time to deal with this now worry about friends later, good luck drink water when you do this that is the easiest to hold in. you will be okay and this is not a major problem okay so don’t worry.

Answer by chitti
first of all, its not a big deal. some kids stop earlier and some take a little more time. thats all. you dont have any problem.

tell your friend the truth. if he understands, then your lucky. hes really your good friend. if not, then try to make him understand and if this still doesnt work, just dont care about him too mich.

good luck!

Answer by Mmgirl
Have your parents taken you to a doctor for this? It is usually a medical problem if you wet the bed after 10 years old. Kids are mean and unfortunately if he doesn’t understand the situation he is going to make fun of you for it. I would try to get your parents to talk to his and explain the situation. If you want to try it on your own tell him that you would appreciate it if he didn’t make fun of you for something you can not control. Usually talking takes care of things. Remember that it probably made him as uncomfortable as it made you, so just talk to him about it.

Answer by john h
Hi go to your Dr. and ask his advice .Good luck.

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