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Can Someone Please Help Me !!”?
Here Is My Story ; I Got Pregnant At Age 17 And My baby’s Dad Was 20 At The Time. When My Parents Found Out They Werent Soo Happy So I Moved In wWth Him. At The Begining It Was Good But Then He Started Treating Me Horrible. He Would Scream At Me, Tell Me I Had Hickies On My Neck , &&” He Would Always Make Me Cry. He Would Go Out &&’ Get Ice Cream With His Sister &&’ Boyfriend &&’ He Would Leave Me At His House. One Day it Got To A Point Were He Laid A Hand On Me. He Choked Me &&” Kicked Me On My Back. I Was Then in Alot of Pain &&’ His mom && ” Him Refuse To Take Me The Hospital. So I Called My Best Friend To Take. I Had High Blood Pressure &&” I Was Close To Have A Miscarriage. Not Him Nor His Mom Called To Know How I Was. AT That Point I Have Had Enough. When I got Home From The Hospital I grabbed All My Stuff &&” Moved In With My Mom. My Baby’s Dad &&” Mom Were Really Pissed Off. My Babys Dad Didint Call Me For About 2Weeks. &&” His Friends Would Call Me &&’ Tell Me They Would See Him Out &&” Talking With A Girl. I Didnt Really Care But it Did Hurt Me. So 2Months Past &&” He Came Beggining For ME To TAke Him Back He Told Me He Was Going To Change &&” Be There For Me &&” Our Baby. So He Moved in. When Our Beautiful Baby Girl Was Born , He Was A Good Dad. But He Only Lasted 4Months. He Began To Slack Off &&” Not give Me Money For Diapers , He Wouldnt Help Out &&” He Would Be Out Till 4 in The Morning. So I Kicked Him Out Of My House &&” He Went To Live With His Mom Again. His Mom Would Call Me &&” Tell Me She Wanted To Come Over But I would Just Reject Her. I Know Its Mean But She Didnt Care When Her Son Was Treating Me Bad &&’ Hitting Me &&” She Didnt Help Me Nor Tell Him To Stop &&” Now She Wants To Step into My House &&” See My Daugther I Dont Think Soo. Lately He Just Buys Her Diapers Thats All He Doesnt Give Me Extra Money For Her &&’ im Putting Him On Child Support. But is There Any Way I Could Put Him On Child Support &&” Not Let Him See My Baby ? Or Can I Get Full Custody Of Her ?

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Answer by Maddie
You can choose to have legal rights to this child, and he will be legally forced to pay child support. I suggest getting some type of evidence that he’s doing this, like video cameras. I also suggest getting the police involved IMMEDIATELY. This is something that no one deserves to have happen to them.

Answer by jenni
Since this is terribly hard to read, I skipped to the questions.

If a parent pays child support then by law he is allowed visitations, and even if he don’t pay support he is allowed visitation as the child’s father.

The only way a parent is kept from their child is if there has been abuse, or the child might not be safe while with them.

Answer by Adam
Yes if you have documented proof. Like.the hospital.records when you went. You. Should be good proving violent tendencies and safety hazards for you and daughter.

Answer by deadlikeme
For future reference….

1. Do not capitalize the first letter of ever word.


2. And what’s up with the ‘&&’?

For your question. It’s not just ‘your’ baby. It’s HIS baby too.”50%” in fact. Feel free to file child support for your daughter. You have every right to receive the help if he’s not stepping up. Regardless, he CAN still go for visitation of her and if he’s a fit father to the courts, he will get it.

I suggest you both take this to mediation. There are childish people all around in this situation and you people need to learn how to co exist for the child’s sake.

Also, don’t blame his mom for his actions. He’s an adult and she cannot tell him what to do anymore.IF you are afraid of him being violent, you can request that he get supervised visitation with his daughter until he completes anger management classes.good luck.

Answer by Amy
Contrary to a previous answer, just because a man pays child support does not mean he gets visitations. They are two completely seperate issues. You should get child support established and also file for sole custody. He abused you and could very well abuse your daughter. I have four children with my abusive exhusband and I have sole custody. He is now suppose to pay child support. Keep him away from your baby and your baby’s mother. My ex’s mom also knew he abused me and she did nothing. After we seperated I found out that when he had visitations with the children she would watch them and hit them in the head with a yard stick when they misbehaved. That way she didn’t have to get out of her recliner. I only found out because one of my twins told me she had broken the stick on my other son’s head. He learned to be abusive somewhere. Good luck and if you have questions about filing for sole custody contact me.

Answer by Erik
Using a capital letter to start every word makes it harder to read, as does leaving weird && symbols. I can’t be bothered to read this. In the future, clean up your posts if you want lots of answers.

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