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Posted in Working Mothers on 15th February 2011

Can someone help me with comebacks?
I have been wondering if anyone can offer me some really good comebacks for ANY negative comments. “Your mother” has been working really well, but its getting old… For instance if someone calls you slow, or retarted, or mocks you, or imitates something you say or do. PLEASE try to make them witty and funny. Thanks
As much as i enjoy the “Ignore them” advice, can you please stop telling me? This is JUST a friendly competition with a certain someone. Also, i said NO Yo Mama jokes, because their old.. PLEASE make them FUNNY AND WITTY, and good for any occasion. Please, lets try to be original.

Best answer(s):

Answer by vhesponage
You could say: You are really funny….funny looking.

Answer by Ren
yo’ gran daddy

Answer by Shleay S
ignore them and they will stop… doing that makes it worse

Answer by Hochie
You can say: I know you are, but what am I?

Answer by mighty_power7
giving someone a comeback is only going to egg them on. it’s only going to make them tease you worse later.

if you want some real advice, just ignore them as best you can, or tell an adult you trust who can talk to the person and tell them to stop.

Answer by the sweetest JAM
just say… “yeah, i learned it from you.”
or “yeah i know, but you’re slower.”

Answer by maiya
like wen they call u names say ur moma like it
or u cud say that aint wat yo mama said orrr u can say u must have me confused wit yo mama

Answer by Marika K
stare at them blankly until they say what…. then tell them ur tryin 2 imagine them with a personality.

Answer by playgroundkids2000
say your mom in another language. Like spanish Tu Madre!! lol then wen they say wat?? call them a dumbass and walk away. I find that funny =]

Answer by Bridget Y
you could say like “right back at cha” …….or “yeah well you smell funny” or what’s that turd face? haha idk just somthing random but funny

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