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Posted in Child Care on 16th January 2011

Can someone get paid for taking care of a family member with mr?
I know of a family were one child has severe MR and is also autistic. This woman receives funding from the state to take care of this child per SSI and other legitimate ways. The problem is that both of her non mr daughters have gone through an agency and somehow were placed in the home as their sister and have been getting paid to basically baby-sit (there is a lot more to the story, and in a nutshell the girl now “taking care” of the MR daughter plays internet games all day) Should I report them? I know for a fact the mother does not want anyone else in the house because this child is not being cared for properly otherwise but I find this odd and unfair to others who take in their family members without being paid (my mother did it for my grandmother and never would have asked to be paid) and it seems to me that they are defraud the system. Thanks

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Answer by Teebs
If the autistic daughter is actually being neglected and/or abused due to lack of care, then I would report it to your local child protection agency.

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