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Posted in Working Mothers on 28th October 2012

Can somebody check if it’s a good essay? Should I erase or add something?
Cultural tyranny is still existed in many parts of the world,especially in Pakistan where I am from. Some have changed , but there’s more work need to be done to address this problem. Everyone deserves a netter life and should have a right to be independant. 

Men are allowed to do what they feel like doing and if women are going against their culture, they’re considered to be a “bad woman” and should be dealt with hard beat. As Gloria claims in this paragraph, “for a woman of my culture there used to be only three directions she could turn: to the church as a nun, to the streets as prostitute, or to the home as a wife/mother”. There’s fourth dirction for women which us education. If our culture allows women to be educated and help their families financially then families wouldn’t have to suffer on minimum wage work. 
As she stated ” la gorra, el rebozo, la mantilla are symbols of my culture’s “protection” of women”. Women are told to cover their heads, bodies so they can be protected from strangers. By covering woman in “burqas” or “shawls” , men society make women weaker although God has given women the most power to bear to give birth and she suffers from bleeding every month. They should be treated fairly and equally with respect. 
In my opinion, education and to protect your own self is very important. Women’s ability to protect themselves is taken away from them young age. They can be strong and are strong. If a man dies in one of the family and he was the only man who was educated and working, what is it other members to do? Be a homeless, and women to be a prostitute to feed their family? As she also stated “I had to feel competent enough on the outside and secure enough inside to live life on my own”. It tells that women can face any hardship just as men can. They didn’t need to be tell that they only sexual lust piece model for all men. In this case, wouldn’t world be a little more better place financially and social economically. 

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