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Posted in Working Mothers on 30th October 2010

question of Twisted_Dilemma : Can not marry girlfriend without mothers “legal consent”
First of all, I live in Texas and have tried to find out if there probiting any kind of law I and my girlfriend to marry because they supposedely bi-polar, had her mother (actually her aunt, but also their parents) their diagonsed as this after two physicists who was younger than she diagreed, her mother went to a third finally agreed and she is on medication since then, btw they are 20 ‘s. The problem now is that review their mother a disability as “representative payee” you get, because my gf took a kind of test when they are 18 to determine a legal adult, whether it was their money after its parent control, was the person that my interview gf (a Councelor some sort) said that her mother is her “representative payee” must. Remember, your mother is very controlling, will not allow their work, and did not take them off because they allegedly legal papers she can not tell until she is married. Her mother says she has to cancel “legal” for marriage, that is true Best Answer:

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Sounds like they did not want to marry her, miss because they are related to their money. This is not fair. She is an adult and can make decisions on their own. It all seems a little far-fetched … unless it is not really to be married in the Constitution.

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