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Posted in Child Support on 28th September 2012

Can my stimulus check be withheld for child support even if I have been paying on time since court ordered?
I went to court last August of 2007 with my ex-girlfriend to settle child support and was court ordered to pay $ 408/mo from that date forward. They awarded her back child support for 1yr before August even though I was giving her $ 200 in checks every month-they just deducted that from the higher monthly support and left me with back support. BUT from the date I was court ordered to pay support (which includes a portion of back shild support) how can they keep on taking my returns if I’ve been paying on time and up-to-date? This is REALLY killing me! I mean seriously…I want my baby to be supported obviously, but this is one of the biggest flaws in government to date! All this money she’s getting-I guarantee isn’t all being used on my baby. It’s getting to the point where I’m thinking about being a criminal just to have my own money-and that’s no lie. Men can’t survive like this. I’m eating ramen noodles and she’s eating t-bone steak for this “child support”.

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Answer by americanfreeman
if you have ANY past due child support they will take that check.

I think it is a GOOD thing.

Answer by Julie S
no debts i

Answer by Just A Guy…
Depends on the state I assume…

Even though I don’t have any arrears, support is withdrawn from my paycheck and I am therefor paid in full each month… I talked to my Child Support case worker today, and she said that the county claims any and all money we get that is extra (tax returns, stimulus checks, x-mas bonus, etc) then when the county confirms everything is good to go, they release those funds back to you…

I e-filed my tax return in early Feb. and didn’t get it until late March… Normally it would take 3-7 business days…

(Sorry, I read it again… If you have arrears, she will get ALL of your tax returns and stimulus check until that is paid off, regardless if you’ve paid the required monthly amount)

Answer by snjas1
I know the system sucks, I am with you there. The whole cs system needs reworked.

However, to them, it does not matter that you pay your current amounts in full & on time & a little extra each month for that outrageous & obsurd back support that you started off with. All that matters is that there is a back balance. Since there is a back balance, they are allowed to take your refund & stimulus payment to pay off that back balance. Until that back balance is gone, they will continue to do so. Once it is gone, they will stop messing with your taxes. Again, I am on your side, but we don’t make the laws. Which we could.

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