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Posted in Child Support on 18th October 2011

Can I sue my “dad”????
Hi! I’m about to be 18 and at that age I will be allowed to go to a court and tell them that I do NOT want ANY further contact with my stupid “dad” or his “family”. The question is, can I sue my “dad” for failure to pay child support? “He” has NEVER paid neither mine nor my 16 year old brother’s child support. Can I sue “him” for that? Will “he” go to jail?
**Oh yeah, my “dad” has been divorced from my mom since I was like 2 years old I think-I can’t really remember-I was really young

Best answer(s):

Answer by Kyle R
yes you can take this case to civil court and he will be forced to compensate or “pay” in some other way

Answer by tiki/more
No you can’t sue him for past support, but your mother can.

Answer by TH
I believe your mother has to take him,b.c. she was the one taken care of you & spending the money on you.So the child support should go to her,but she has the choice to give it to you.

Answer by Cherish R
hello well the one things depending on how much he owns he will have to pay it back no matter what they will take it out of his check well sueing yes i think you can i am not sure you would have to call a lawer for that u will be 18 so you can tell ur dad to go away and if he fails to pay the back child support yes he will go to jail

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