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Posted in Toddlers on 21st November 2010

question of Isis Grace : Can I feed my daughter Gerber Graduates
It is a few days, 8 months old and she eats puffs like a champ. 🙂 I feed her rice cereal mixed with stage 2 baby food, fruit or vegetables every day again. I fed them twice a day, but drinking stopped it so I formula to get back on their cereal / baby food hatte.Jedenfalls I’m not sure if she’s ready for Gerber Graduates, because it says “small children” on the label. Perhaps it is ready when it’s, it is always smacking lips when we eat, so I’m not sure Best Answer.

reply Noor mama
sure I tried Gerber Graduates macaroni cheese for my 9-month-old daughter, she ate a little, they loved it. but since it is always a fuzzy eater, she just loves to eat things like not even a little more than a few bites. but still, she ate it nice …. if Urs like it, sure, give it to her, she should be able to swallow it.

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