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Posted in Working Mothers on 23rd January 2014

Can I at 16 without permission?
I have a job and a boyfriend / second mother who gave me a home. I’m going to stay in school and everything, but I want from my mother’s house, because I hate it. Can I without permission of my mother? I live in the state of Maine and on 16 Best Answer (s):

Selina answer
At 16 you can not move without permission if you are emancipated, where your parents no longer have any legal power over you. But you must ensure that you are moving for the right reasons. 🙂

response from Ann
I think so. Ask any lawyer or officially in school.

Answer by Brittany Gibson
well, then your sixteen IM not sure, because my sister was 16 when she ran away, without permission and she was being chased. make sure it’s okay with your parents, if they say no, then keep trying. 🙂 Good luck

response of Aragon
No, you will need their permission, and why you do it there so much hate.

Answer by Megan
No, unfortunately you can not just leave at home and elsewhere. You are underage and must have a parent or guardian over the age of 18 years, and with your “second mother” sign the papers requires quite a bit of your parents go through the same process as they would be if they waren.Schauen to you for adoption, you I know you’ll have to get annoyed by this, but it’s the truth: Home usually not a fantastic place to be for many 16-year-olds. I know how it feels to not want to go home, but nowhere else to go. My early teenage years were the worst, because my parents had but were filed for separation under the same roof for something ridiculous like 18 life – 24 months, because we had to repair the house before we sold it and it was money dilemmas etc. My parents fought a lot! I would get to “your mama is a cow!” from my Dad, and “your father is a bastard!” from my Mum. It was just awful, I can tell you that much. Anyway, I wanted to move out and live somewhere else more than anything. Many places this stage in my life I imagined how great it would be to live in my own little apartment and have peace and quiet when I wanted to cook my own meals, renovate MY house, like I wanted to. . . but it just does not work that way. My advice to you to suck it up for at least two more years until you are a legal adult and can do what you like. In the meantime, you stay on your Mum good side to avoid fights and conflicts as well as possible. I would sometimes pretend that I lived on my own, by where everyone else was not possible when you immer.Wenn really find it hard to cope because it abuse, drugs, or what you have on the picture, the impact your health and safety, you can CPS contact and can finally have emancipated themselves (but that’s a very long, drawn out process that is not only a lot of paperwork, but also heartbreaking decisions that you regret deeply in the future) includes. If CPS has to get involved, you could instead placed at the end with an aunt or your grandparents on your own. It is very complicated and chaotisch.Ich hope this helps 🙂

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