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Posted in Child Care on 2nd April 2012

Can CPS take my baby if I didn’t receive prenatal care until 35 weeks?
I was told by someone that CPS could take away my baby if I did not receive any prenatal care at all. This is my 4th (and final) pregnancy. I have 3 healthy children, have never had any complications during pregnancy at all, all 3 previous children were born at 40 weeks 3 days and were born naturally. I got put into a complicated situation regarding health insurance and did not qualify for state assistance until I took my maternity leave from work. I have been to the doctor twice (once to confirm my pregnancy and once for another reason) and have called my doctor with a pregnancy related question once. I just went in for an appointment after getting insurance squared away, and was treated very rudely by the nurses and asked a lot of odd questions like “do you have adequate power and water?”. I was also asked several times if I take drugs (the answer is no). I was told during my first appointment my due date, but when I went back they did a sonogram (while the tech kept rudely remarking that there was no documentation done at 20 weeks and now she had to do all of this when it was harder or impossible to get readings), but they found out my original due date was incorrect and that I was actually 35 weeks pregnant (farther along that we thought). With my last pregnancy we moved from another state when I was 35 weeks, and I never received a sonogram until then (as the other state didn’t do it and some insurances deem them “unnecessary” and won’t pay for them – this was told to me by my doctor). I also was refused care with two of my pregnancies at the same clinic I am going to now by a certain receptionist (she wouldn’t even let me back) because my medicaid was pending or because I had health insurance instead of medicaid! She’s the reason I didn’t even try to make an appointment until I had it squared away, and I did inform my doctor’s that I was having trouble getting it months ago and they didn’t say anything at all. Now they are telling me I could have come in for two more visits without it and treating me like I’m a horrible person because I didn’t come in before now. I have taken care of myself and baby the whole time. I didn’t take anything harmful, ate nutritious foods, have actually gained more weight than I did with the others, and have gone to the doctor if I needed to (but have not needed to, I exercise regularly and am in good health). Now someone told me they can report it to CPS and can take my baby away if I don’t receive any prenatal care at all, and they said they may still try since I’m getting “late prenatal care”. I can not find anything that says this is true (only cases where they took the baby away for no prenatal care AND the mother/baby testing positive for drugs). Is this true? Can they take away my baby for me not getting prenatal care until 35 weeks?
Thanks for answers so far. I want to point out: That, YES, I am aware complications can occur at any time, but I know my body and IF I had any symptoms or abnormalities, I would have gone to the ER immediately. The only reason I did not receive prenatal care is because the clinic I go to has denied seeing me for not having medicaid (and I had other health insurance)/pending medicaid TWICE with previous pregnancies and I did call and discuss this with my doctor, who did not offer me -any- insight on how to get any form of insurance or what to do if I did not qualify for medicaid, until AFTER I went back – then they tell me I could have come in for two more visits without medicaid or insurance. I also want to point out that one of the times I was refused service, was because I was waiting for the state I moved from to close out my medicaid case and my case worker for this state even called them and told them what we were waiting on and that I was approved and I was 39 weeks pregnant at t
time. The receptionist told me I could not come back in with pending medicaid and that I would just have to go to the ER if I went into labor, that they wouldn’t see me again. That is the main reason that I waited until my insurance/medicaid was completely 100% in order -before- going back to the doctor’s office, because I knew she would just tell me they couldn’t see me if I tried to. In fact, when I went to the clinic for my appointment that I scheduled, they sent me over to check into the ER for all my testing they needed to get done because she said they couldn’t see me at the clinic because I waited too long. I had an appointment, I showed up for it, and nothing was mentioned until I got there (even though I had been in 3 times to get information out of my chart for Medicaid and I called to make the appointment). I swear, this receptionist has it out for me.

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Answer by melissa_gonzalez18
as far as taking your baby i don’t know but my sister in law did have to deal with cps for not getting prenatel care she didnt get her baby taken away but she did have to deal with cps for awhile.

Answer by Tiff
Although what you have done was not smart at all because every pregnancy is different and the more you’ve been pregnant the higher the percentage for complications, as long as there is no drug use and the baby is healthy then no they can’t take your baby. And yes they are treating you like that because if you have had 3 children then you should be well aware of major complications that happen everyday.

Answer by Carrie
They ask everyone the same questions about drugs and electricity. They will probably just want to make sure that your baby has a safe home to go to. You and the baby will probably be drug tested but a social worker will come in and talk to you after you have the baby. As long as you are doing everything right you will be fine. They just want what is best.

Answer by TTC #2
there should be no reason to try to take your baby away from you.

You have every right to refuse medical advice or assistance in any situation. And HOW DARE those people be so rude to you. It’s not like you dont know what you’re doing, you’ve done it 3 times already.

If i were you i would put in a written complaint about how rudely you have been treated by the nurses.

*IF* CPS gets involved, just co operate with them, explain things to them, and that will be that.

Answer by Shannon
The first thing they will assume is you use drugs, get used to that because it’s not going to end, even when your in labor they will ask and check you and the baby.
Once they see you don’t, you might have CPS in your buissness for a bit but they can’t take your baby unless you are an unfit parent because of living conditions or drugs, or you do not have the basics that a baby needs like diapers and a place to sleep etc.
Don’t sweat it unless you have done something wrong, if not then nothing can happen to you.
Prenatal care is important, and necesary because every pregnancy is different, even if you had no complications with the last 3, preclampsia and placenta issues can still occur.
However, prenatal care isn’t the law. Many women don’t even get it and stick to hiring a doula to home birth.

Answer by Megan
Simply the answer is no they aren’t going to take your child away from you based on the fact that you got late prenatal care. With that being said, a social worker or nurse at the hospital could still call in a report but most likely if that is the only issue/concern they are reporting it will be taken down as a documented call and not an actual report.

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