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Posted in Child Care on 21st August 2013

Can a mother leave her newborn in a hospital?
So when a mother went to the hospital to have the baby, but she wanted nothing to do with it, they could just leave? And have the baby go childcare and then a foster home, etc., etc. How they would hunt her down, because if she goes to the hospital to get their information right? Or they would not be interested (this is a sign for background.) Best Answer (s):

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Yes, want to be a different narrator, who does not know how to do their own research.

answer by Jasmine
It depends on the state. In some states can only sign away your rights and let the baby in the hospital. After the baby would be placed in foster care. You can not just get up and leave without saying a word, but she has something to say. But even here it depends on the state.

reply from Friday
You can not just leave and say nothing but you can surrender the baby to the hospital rep no questions asked

Reply amyhpete
In most states, a hospital, an acceptable place for a newborn under Safe Haven laws leave. Mothers leave their babies in the emergency room and were not pursued. It would be nice to have a list with a brief history and description of the circumstances under which they have to leave the baby, any problems with the delivery and a name if she gave the baby a.

Reply by H Bomb
If it just goes without saying a word to search for CPS and the police are after her, to question it and investigate the task. Most social workers would do some sort of effort to keep the mother to encourage parents and the child, unless something more dangerous going on. My mother did this to me. She stood up and walked. A few weeks later it was removed and examined, but eventually it did not stop me. No charges were filed, but yes, the police were looking for her a few basic questions about both of us, and the rest of our family to fragen.Einige states have “safe surrender” agreements and programs. I’m sure you’ve read about them. The intention of the State is to prevent infant mortality when they are abandoned or killed by parents in the rejection of the crisis on the road. However, this is not the same as simply abandoned and forgotten, the Kind.Was the last question is, the hospital never “do not care” the hospital. What are they going to do with the baby? Questions must be asked, precautions must be taken, and it is not the hospital’s decision. There are special courts and civil servants who have to worry about it. Professionals who outside of fiction and soap operas can not just say “oh you poor orphan dumplings, I’m going to send you to a foster home and forget and move on.”

would take care response of Zelda
google BabyklappeNoone. The child will only grow throughout life is “grateful” for not thrown in a dumpster.

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