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Posted in Child Support on 19th September 2012

can a judge rule that a parent doesn’t have to pay child support?
My child’s father and I went to court and we both was in the wrong. I had denied visitation for several years because my child didn’t want to go. He was behind in child support $ 24,000. The Judge was furious with me. In front of my child, the Judge asked the father, “Do you want to try to continue with visitation or not pay child support?” The father chose not to pay child support. So the Judge wiped his slate clean and order him not to pay and order me a suspended jail sentence.(which has affected my financial ability to support my daughter because I work for a school that requires background checks and was denied a teaching certificate because of this?) Is this legal? Should I appeal or just leave well enough alone. My daughter is now 17 and will be going to college. She also has sustanial medical bills because she is a type 1 diabetic? I know I was wrong. Is it even worth fighting for. By the way I apologized to the father. My daughter and her father have no relationship at all.

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Answer by jude
i guess if your a judge you have all the power in the world to make any decision you want. had you been a welfare witch the judge would not have rendered this order. i would get a free consult with an attorney and see what my options were. how sad that this was allowed.

Answer by just_my_opinion
Well, I disagree with the first person who responded–I don’t think it was at all sad that this was allowed. No matter if you regret it and/or you apologize for it, you can never undo the damage that was done–your child and her father do not have a relationship (and likely will never have a relationship) because of you. You were incredibly selfish and you should have gone to jail. (by the way, the fact that she “didn’t want to go” is irrelevant–it was your responsibility to encourage her to go/even make her go. You don’t let children make decisions like this, because they’re not mature enough to do that).

Can you go back to court and fight this? No clue. If you have money to go back, you can try, but if you do, I hope the verdict is the same the second time around. It’s about time that women like you have to pay the consequences for their actions

And when your daughter asks why she has no money (or very little money) for college you need to explain to her that it’s entirely your fault.

Answer by opinionated
that is why he is the judge,his ruling,so i would say yes he can

even thou i never heard of this before doesn’t mean he can’t

Answer by freakboynv lives
aw poor baby. you tried to use the kid as a weapon and the judge kicked yourass. you got what you deserved and there is no hope of it being reversed.

Answer by mmm
WOW – never heard of this before but its about time something happens to the women who prevent a relationship with their child and with the other parent – it could have been worse – he could have given custody to the father and you could have paid him child support . . . no he did what he thought was best in this situation – the father had NO ties to the child and it was BEYOND the father’s fault –

your daughter is now 17 and I think you need to live with your mistakes and learn from them

my parents divorced when I was 3 = I get it

Answer by Y! Groups Dads House Ed. Center
Sounds like the judge decided you intended to continue to interfere with the father’s access rights, so he moved that he no longer had parental rights, and responsibility for the child. Now you can go on to raise the child to be a contributor to 90% of crime.

Answer by Jamie
YES…finally a woman pays the price for denying visitation!!!

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