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Black hole Question, I am scared?
After watching a nearby star that exploded into a supernova in 1979, astronomers now believe the star’s death wasn’t an ordinary one. The star’s explosion was big enough to cause a black hole to develop in its wake. They think it’s a black hole because they see something steadily consuming the gassy remnants of the exploded star, which is a telltale sign of a black hole. It sucks up everything in sight.

And in this case it’s a lot. In the past 30 years since this star exploded, this baby black hole has eaten about the equivalent of the Earth in mass, which is about as big as black hole appetites can get, said Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb. He’s co-author of a new paper in the journal New Astronomy and he discussed the findings at a NASA news conference Monday.

By continuing to follow the black hole — which is about 50 million light years away — future astronomers will learn just how much material is left over from the star’s explosion, said Dan Patnaude of Harvard, a study co-author. This black hole is about five times more massive than our sun and the star that exploded to give it birth was maybe 20 times bigger than our sun.
“This is certainly eating as much as it can,” Patnaude said. “This is working as hard as it can to gobble up that material, exactly like a teenager or a toddler.”

Ummmm does this mean it is going to reach earth?

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Answer by A N
I wouldn’t stress too much about it, buddy.

Answer by noch s
God created Universe and earth. Only He would know when the end of the earth is coming. Believe in Christ and you’ll be comforted when the end time approaches.

hope this helps.

Answer by Mihnea
50 million light years away is like.. very very far away.. our galaxy, the milky way, is 100.000 light years across, and it has a super massive black hole at the centre which is about 60.000 lightyears away and has absolutely no chance of ever engulfing the earth. Besides, black holes dont just suck things up in a straight line, they act like any other stellar object in terms of gravity, just somewhat stronger, otherwise our galaxy would have collapsed towards the middle a long time ago.

Oh, and not to get you scared or anything, but actually, the closest black hole to earth is only about 1600 light years away, in the constellation Saggitarius.

Answer by Bill
Heck no. Think about it, it’s 50 million lights years away. That’s 50 million years traveling at the speed of light! That’s so far away it’s hard to understand it. Won’t make it here in your life time! Guaranteed.

Answer by Jessica
i wouldnt worry about it, if it did happen you’d be long gone

Answer by Adam
If it’s 50 million light years away it’s not even remotely in this galaxy.

It *might* not even be in our galactic cluster.

Personally, I would take this news to be valid reason to panic, riot, loot, and plunder.

Answer by Dalton
no. The star is 50 million light years away. That is 50 years of something traveling at 186,282 miles a second. we’ll be fine

Answer by Shardul
The part about black holes is that it moves slowly, believe it or not…however, the black hole is massive when you are in the inner of the actual black hole…it will destroy you faster than under a second…but the movement of the black hole being over 50 million light years away, is where the black hole is moving slow…if the black hole reaches earth, human beings that exist today, will not be alive by that time…however, possibly other human beings that are living in that time will be effected…also keep in mind that technically the earths sun is a black hole…the sun is actually being eaten away slowly by a black hole…and the earth is going through the cycles of repeated past…there will be a time where the earth will become boiling hot, then frozen then turn out to be like Mars then reform to a different nature…with the black hole…a lot of information is unknown…it could be the existence of another greater dimension of another lifetime…but we as humans would never be able to prove that…due to the fact that black holes eat everything in their way, then spit it out and eat it over and over again, until it is non existent…there are a lot of things to fret about than a black hole that is 50 million light years away…according to Astronimist, there is some type of astroid that is expected to either hit earth or have a near miss of earth in 2018…if for some reason this astroid hits earth, it could be the end for human life…also, know that each year the earths moon, moves farther and farther away…which means the title waves, the oceans and the sky will be a massive nature of its own…the water could literally take over the world and cause the extinction of human life…Mars may be diffiucult to understand, but Mars is the next best thing that has to offer potential life for human beings…also there is a moon that is near Jupiter, that is a near reflection of earth…there is water, mountains, land but the drawback, is that the air is toxic, posonius so humans are not going to be able to live there…and Neptune will be a great place for human life when the solar system does start to go through the phase of the boiling process…and there is another replica of an earth like planet that is AA00879 or something like that…it is located about 40 million light years from the solar system, and will take a lot of extensive research to find out if humans can exist there, or if there is another type of human life species living there…remember, all creatures that exist on earth, will at some point go extinct….and that includes humans…with the given time of measuring in comparison to space time…human beings only existed for a brief amount of time…species like worms, ants, bugs and the other crawling creatures have actually lived longer than humans and will more than likely be living when human beings do go extinct….That’s why its so important to enjoy life…enjoy the moment that is here and appreciate what earth has given to human beings…what is the point of work….who wants to spend their life working…why can’t human beings have everything for free without the cost of the economic classes and spend most of our lives working…

Answer by udumbfk
@ God created ‘everything’ guy…..Unfortunately ‘God; is not perfect and alongside
smart, itelligent,educated, lucid people, created people like you too, brain-washed robots
who cant spell IQ!

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