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big problem with my mom, please help?
Ok so to make a long story short, my mom pis *** with my father, my brother and my sister and got I.Wir went on holiday for a week, and they decided not to come because they have a “break” needed and had to clean the house. She was so angry, and they cried all the time.We have tried to convince her to come, but she just screamed at us and called always said that we never do anything, and that we treat them like s *** . I’m 14 and I’m the oldest, my bro and my sis is 9 11.mein father is not good around the house, and works all the time because he is a really busy job at home and hes always on the laptop and on the Handy.Sie says he does not s *** and that she wants a divorce because he does not care about them hat.Es is so stupid because he obviously does, and it is the reason that it works . He has always tried to hug her and kiss her, but she pushes him asking her out to dinner and stuff, but it just says that no one “babysit” us weg.Er, although I do quite a good job, and they have both heirs Eltern.Ich admit that we are children of the Hausarbeit.Meine sister is not good for the worst, and I’m probably the beste.Sie will ask us to put her clothes away, and we are about 3 take hours, it tun.Sie asks us to do the washer / hang the laundry / dust / vacuum cleaner, but yes, we do not do it at first. But if you start screaming again by our parent company, we do es.Naja, at least it has not in the holiday kommen.Mein father texted her and she replied with this long, sad news about how she was injured and how they pis * about *** was treated as war.Obwohl we may sound like the bad guys, she has a lot of their own problems that they do not even try to beheben.z. B.sie not give my father a Chancesie “always right” blames us for not Freundesie unssie is always threatened they insulted us I’m not even a ScherzDann today came this once durch.es text went something like: “I feel like . cry Went straight through (my sisters room) and found that they dirty clothes, clean clothes, garbage, candy wrappers, rattle, stuffed into backpacks (loads of other s ***) and stuffed them in her wardrobe. “for I am seriously my sister worried. I can not even imagine how much s *** we’re in. I’m considering hiding in France, where I am and live the rest of my life on the streets, because they know that f ****** is bad. Me Lol I’m really geschraubt.Dann she went to say: “We had a great time picking gum their beds and moldy food (my name) has lied from the back big time I do not want to be part of this family anymore.. . ” Blah blah SBSL aldjlkaam. Frick.Jedenfalls1.) Geschraubt2 I am.) If my mother leaves, we are all verschraubt3.) When we get home they will kill us and then bolted werden4). Farewell my social life / internet / electric Geräte5.) I do not know what they meant when they said “(my name), has also lied big time” wtf does that mean? I do not know what I lied about … 6) None of us would remain bloody gums on our beds, that is f ***** UP7.) Omg wat should I tun8.) Frick I just can weglaufen9.) My father can kill us before we go home sogar10.) In geschraubt11.) help please I’m not joking, how can I reparierenDank things I’m just here, dying, waiting for a lifesaving Antwortf ***., edit *** * I mean, she does not blame us for YOU with yer friends Best Answer (s):

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Your mother is overwhelmed with daily life. You can not do everything yourself. I bet she does not do anything nice for yourself. You and the rest of the family have to start taking on some of the responsibility. Do it … just do not say that you are going to do it. Do not even tell her that you are going to help. Actions speak louder than words. I think your mother needs someone to talk to about their problems and frustrations to get it out of their system … someone who is not in the family. It has nothing to look forward to … no light at the end of the tunnel …. no peace. That’s why everything they can think of is divorce. Instead of worrying privileges taken away, about all the wonderful things that you could do for your mother over the loss of your Internet … and your father think. Both work hard in different ways. I am a mother and I always made sure my family was taken care, but I neglected and it is not healthy to neglect themselves. Start a chart and put it on the fridge, all sharing the tasks between you children. Rotate tasks. You do dishes one day your brother the next, etc. It is vacuuming, dishes, help with cooking, washing, picking up clothes, the table … all kinds of things you could help with. It will make a difference with your mother. They will thank you for it. I hope that things work out for all of you.

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takes to get a job.

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