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Posted in Babysitting on 16th May 2013

best way to introduce new cat to old dog? help?
We have just a scared kitten yesterday and she’s our dog. the dog is nice to her but only couious of Kitty she smells! For any suggestions or ideas to slove the Best Answer (s):

response from IMS
Be sure to make the cat more attention UBT that she knows that its give bad to be angry with the dog by a firm no and maybe spraying it with water, it is of course …. although … the cat should get used to it … so they do not spray w / water right way

response of Sunflower
Try holding back the offending pet so that he / she can sniff out the other and so on. I think that helps in the Regel.Good Luck! 🙂 Ps >> time is really what it takes for them to be friends.

Reply ben_of_marlow
cats are always afraid of something unfamiliar. You get over her fear in a few days.

reply by Jess M
Over time your cat learn to accept your dog if the dog is not aggressive towards her. Dont worry about it. The situation will be found.

have erinnern.Katzen response of private
Two things about cats undKatzen Cats have minds of their own. (__ /) (= ‘.’ =) (“) (” ) Kit Cat

reply by Tanya P
throw the cat on the dog and said to the dog his lunch break!

response of> ‘-‘
When introducing a dog to a cat, the question is really a proper dog training. Dogs usually want to chase and play with cats, and cats are usually afraid and defensive. After all, the cat has much more to lose if the relationship is bad. Once the cat is confident that the dog is not a threat, then the opportunity is opened for a wonderful friendship to bloom -. As with all animal introductions, scent is the all-important factor in getting to know. Before leave the pets have visual contact with each other, let them sniff each other beds. – The dog should know some basic commands like “sit”, “down”, “come” and “stay”. Reward obedience with food treats, so the motivation to perform will be strong enough to keep the distraction of having a cat in the room stand.Nach basic training is a master, it is time for a face-to-face introduction in a controlled manner trajectory. Wearing a dog collar and leash, give your dog the command to either “sit” or “down” and “stay”. Strengthening of compliance with food law rewards -. Did a family member enter the room and quietly sit down with the cat on his lap. At first, the cat and dog should be on opposite sides of the room. Repeat this step several times until both the cat and the dog are tolerating each other without signs of aggression or fear -. Subsequently, the animals move closer together, with the dog still on the leash and the cat gently held in a lap. If the cat does not like to be held, you can use a wire crate or carrier. If the dog gets from his “stay” position, he should be firmly positioned and praised and rewarded for adhering to the “stay” command. If the cat is frightened, increase the distance between the animals and progress more slowly -. Initially, the dog should always be wearing a dog collar and a leash when the cat is present, so that any attempt to bark at, or chase, the cat can be immediately stopped. Eat praise and treats should be lavished on the dog when he is calm and obedient, the presence of the cat (if he is punished only if the cat around, he can redirect aggression toward the cat.) Precautions:. Hold the dog and isolated cat when you are not home until you are sure that the cat is safe. Make sure that the cat does not have to pass through the dog area to the litter boxes get or he can look for a safer and more convenient toilet area. Because some dogs “attacked” to enjoy the litter box, it may be best to place a baby gate across the entrance of the room to allow the cat, but not to pass the dog.

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