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Posted in Working Mothers on 17th January 2011

Best Double Electric Breast Pump for Working Mothers

Mothers who have to pump their breast milk at least once a day should consider investing in a double electric breast pump. This device is very useful especially for working mothers who need to drain their breast effectively to maintain their breast milk supply. A double electric pump saves time because both breasts can be pumped at once, instead of only one side at a time. It is also portable and durable enough to withstand frequent travel to the office.

Some double pumps are battery-powered. A few manual pumps also exist. These types of double breast pumps have lower suctioning power, particularly the manual type. The manual types can be tiring to use if breast milk has to be expressed regularly. Electric models are sturdier and more reliable but can cost a few hundred dollars. Hospital models are the most reliable and effective and they can be easily converted to double.

A double pump consists of suctioning equipment that uses two cups. This type saves time and prevents milk from being wasted. Because both breasts are in cups, milk leaking from the breasts is automatically saved in the milk collection apparatus.

The Playtex Embrace comes with a hospital-grade motor. It features unique soft breast cups that give a realistic feel of a baby’s mouth. The pump has five suction and speed levels and comes with a carrying case.
Best Double Electric Breast Pump for Working Mothers
Other models are available, including the Ameda Purely Yours and the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump.

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