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Posted in Babysitting on 12th November 2010

question of Luv Bug : Babysitting ?!?!?!?!?!?
I’m babysitting a 3-year-old boy this weekend. I wonder if I have a good job in the end it would appropreite say “if you or your friends get with kids babysitter I would like to babysit.” And them my flyer? Also, I went to my niaborhood and leaflets door to door and quite a house of my friend to babysit and now she is all caught in schooling, so I do not think they have to pass a babysitter. I gave them a flyer, but they were not there, so I left there I door. After that pick up the wind sta rts and I think the Flyers could blow away. Even if it did or did not you think it is appropreite over, if they are at home and interduce me? Also could you give me ideas how to get more jobs as babysitters and advratise. (Please excuse my spelling and keep your comments speeling please.) Best Answer:

answer by Mama
Personally, I would not respond to a flyer. but I see ads in the newspaper or on billboards. If you are impressed and they fit, they’ll tell their friends. Dont ‘give them a flyer, however, that would seem strange to me personally. Just say “I loved your child, if you want, please do not give my number to yoru freinds”

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