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Posted in Babysitting on 4th April 2011

Babysitting Tips That Every First-Time Babysitter Should Know

When hiring a first-time babysitter, you should make sure that you give her some babysitting tips to work with. While a first-time babysitter may have had some training, the actual experience of babysitting is quite different. Your babysitter will be handling children of various ages, personalities, and needs. Thus, it would be helpful to provide her with some tips.

Tip 1: Know What You’re Capable Of

Remind her of the things she can handle when it comes to babysitting. Make sure she knows that babysitting an 8-month old baby will not be the same as babysitting a child who is 9 years old. If you have children that have ages that are widely set apart, provide your sitter with specific babysitting tips for each child. You don’t have to include every single task she should do-simply point out special or pertinent requirements for each child, like at what times the baby should be bottle fed and what time your 8-year-old should start going to bed.

Tip 2: Recognize Your Responsibilities

Discuss the household responsibilities with your sitter in detail. Probably any sitter will tell you that she can do pretty much anything. However, every family has their own special requirements. Give her tips on how to multitask around the house, especially if you have to look after several children at a time. If you must, set out some house rules. You could even share some techniques you use so that the kids behave and stay occupied.

Tip 3: Know Who To Call

It is important for your sitter to know who to call in case of an emergency. Provide her with contact numbers such as that of your child’s pediatrician, police, poison control center, fire department and nearby relative or neighbor. Let your sitter know that she should never feel hesitant to contact you, even if it means disrupting your plans.

These are just some very basic babysitting tips you can share with a babysitter who is baby-sitting for the first time. They can really help get her started on the job with more confidence.

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