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Posted in Babysitting on 28th August 2011

Babysitting Tips – Questions to Ask the Parents on Your First Baby Sitting Job

First-time babysitters should be asking you for babysitting tips if they are genuinely willing to care for your child. Babysitters who make inquiries, especially regarding the specific care of your child, indicate that they want to do their job the best they could. So what questions should you expect from the babysitter you hire? Let’s find out.

Even when you’re still conducting interviews with potential babysitters, observe the questions they ask you. Interviews with parents should be an opportunity for the candidates to make inquiries and obtain some babysitting tips. Handle your interviews at home so that they can meet the children. This should be a chance for them to ask you questions such as when your 9-year old should start doing his homework, at what times your 1-year old should take a nap, or if any of your kids is allergic to certain foods.


Below are some inquiries your potential babysitter should ask you:

-How many children will I be caring for?

-How old are they and what are their names?

-What are the usual routines in the household (i.e.: when is bedtime)?

-What are the house rules?

-What are the kids interested in?

-What are the chores you expect your kids to do and would you like me to help ascertain these are accomplished?

-What special requirements do your children have? Do they have any medical condition or allergies I should know about?

-Will I be doing extra tasks such as cooking for the kids, tutoring and some cleaning?

-Who do I call in case of an urgent situation?

-Would you like me to answer the phone?

-Are there any parts of the home that are off-limits to the kids?

-Are there any pets and will I be feeding them at certain times?

Parents should expect these kinds of inquiries if they want to hire the best sitters for their family. These questions help determine which sitter is more willing to do a good job, and they also give you an opportunity to provide first-time sitters with babysitting tips.

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