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Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of Sienna’s Mom : Babysitting ideas …?
I recently had a baby and I do not want to go back to find work, even, theres no way Im going to a job as the economy Arizona is concerned, what a good friend and I thought was, why not start our own baby-sitting “Business” the only problem is, we have no idea where I even started brainstorming on how to start. were obviously not at the start of a formal economy, just off small so that each have ideas on how we can start. like how we could get us “out there”, if not professional babysitter with college degree in child care or something, I know I would be skeptical, my daughter let strange in any as we could then ppl charge that they can afford it, but we would also help some money in my pocket, just any ideas! . Thank Best Answer:

reply by Elena R
good if you opened a nursery school or nursery in your house you have to grant an authorization that is really hard to do sometimes. But you can easily pick up Nanny job in your area. So you can support another child during the whole day with u which is nice. I would for something on craiglist.com in your area and other children or girls. care.com is a really guter.Ich had a nanny job on craigslist, I have 375 A Week, which was much for me. I now have a little girl who is 6 months old and when I pick up once I move another nanny job ist.Also, what you can do, some people in your area, need a nanny if you have two people with children you and your friend can see it in someone’s house to find. (Either or sell it) I will, however, that many people feel themselves to tell comportable come home with you. what sense would macht.meine other advice, write down what you would do. Trips to the zoo, the children, food is (just think of healthy things) that you do fun activities such as baking with the child (age appropriate of course). if you park you say that you go to the park every day (weather permitting) I plan might not know where you live but in summer you might like a splash day when the children get to her bathing suit and splash in a Kinderbecken.eh I hope that helps! ive worked in a kindergarten, kindergarten and as a nanny and now have one of my own. So if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a msg! Luck !!!

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