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baby stool movement?
my 5 week old baby had a bowel movement in the last 30 hours. You will be satisfied .. Any suggestions Best Answer (s):

Jen J
some babies just do not answer. They told me it could take 3-4 days in between. If your really worried you check if it has Dr. Esp usually one every day.

Answer given by Mrs Ransom
When my little guy was about the age he did the same thing. The doc told me that as long as he seems happy and not cranky, it is in order. If you are really afraid I would call the Doc. They will tell you what to do, if anything at all.

reply by Jan C
you can add some dark Karo syrup, add a little water. As I recall, that works. You can also try a little diluted apple juice. Best of luck.

Reply mystic_eye_cda they
leave, unless it is not enough wet diapers. If the number of wet diapers has decreased it is not getting enough milk. Breast milk is a natural laxative and it is practically impossible to be that a breastfed baby completely clogged. If they still do not in 7 days away to a doctor gehen.Verstopfung in children is limited only by the hardness of her chair, not how often they go defined. The only ways to constipation are to diagnose, hard to poop to see, or have examined by a doctor abdomin. “Breast-fed babies are essentially never really clogged. This is because breast milk is a low residue diet. Almost all of the milk will be absorbed and used by the baby The chairs are made from a small amount of unabsorbed protein curd and a large amount .. intestinal secretions, especially mucus And of course a lot of loud gas But these chairs rarely show no blockage. – rarely Stühle.Später when breastfeeding babies start solids, they can be technically blocked, but it is unusual in my experience. It is not until the child pretty much on solids and especially when on whole cow milk the constipation much of a problem is issued. Till then we are really discussing toddlers. “http://www.drhull.com/EncyMaster/C/constipation_infant.html” Remember that babies who are exclusively breastfed, very rare get constipation. Having very frequent bowel movements during the first two months, they will then begin, much less often. Indeed, some breastfed babies only bowel movements per week or, two. Among these children, as long as the stool is watery or soft, if they are finite, then they are probably normal and will not clog “http://pediatrics.about.com/od/weeklyquestion/a/04_bf_cnstipatn.htm” Constipation is as solid stool;.. A baby that is exclusively breastfed this occurs almost never breastfed children often have solid bowel movements after the introduction of solid foods into the diet. “http://pregnancyandbaby.com/pregnancy/baby/Constipation-in-a-breastfed-baby-1876.htm” The baby gestilltEin breastfed baby is very rare constipation because breast milk is more easily verdaulich.Gestillte babies have several helpful types of bacteria in their colon, which is able to break some of the otherwise indigestible proteins in milk. As a result, the chairs are soft whereby stool to erleichtern.Gestillte babies also have higher levels of the hormone motiline that the movement of the intestine erhöht.Die composition of breast milk changes and your baby grows older, it will deliver your baby’s needs at any time. “http :/ / www.netdoctor.co.uk / health_advice / facts / babyconstipation.htm “If a happy breastfed baby goes 4 days, or a breast-fed baby goes 7 days without a stool, I recommend that he or she once by a be checked pediatrician. “http://www.drgreene.org/body.cfm?id=21&action=detail&ref=118” After 6 weeks old, some healthy breastfed babies dirty diapers if the baby will have far less frequently. seems happy and acts energetically in general, is gaining weight well, and the stools are soft when they are passed, then there is no problem. Normally, the chair will be great if there was already a few days (or even more) since made a baby last dirty diaper. “http://www.medela.com/NewFiles/constipation_bfdg.html

Answer by Kaci B
my girl 6 wk. and is breastfeeding and her doc. said that the reason why you are not bms reg. is that it saves in a growth, but if it has more than 5 days they bring in.

Answer by sophie jane
That’s fine – if anything seems also in order – that is, it is otherwise happy and healthy looking, not in obvious pain, not vomiting, pale or generally unwohl.Mein baby has that too after 5 weeks. Went a few days without a bowel movement w – and then say filled 3 diapers on the third Tag.Sie that breastfed babies can have very variable bowel pattern, and there is a wide range of normal. (Normal being from several a day to once every several days.) And they do not seem to be the frequency at about 6 weeks to change at weaning and wieder.All this refers to a healthy, happy Baby.Wenn seems your baby not seem right, then get the advice of a doc or nurse.

Reply bluenaketat
my baby is five months old and it was not until she started eating baby food, they began to every other day before that … … was they only go once a week. everyone I spoke to said it could take up to a week and a half without peel movement. as long as they are still wetting and does not seem like they are in pain, nothing to be

breastfeed babies don worry ‘t have to have a bowel movement every day, so long as your baby is still fart, it can take up to a week until the pooh and as not blocked as the bum hole, I do not know sounds a little gross for worry now

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