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Posted in Babysitting on 24th November 2010

Baby Sitting Services: Choosing the Best One

Baby sitting services are on the rise. There is simply no stopping the popularity of these online services. They aren’t exactly like traditional agencies. They also aren’t mere listing sites. Online sitter services are actually the best of both worlds. With a good sitter service, you get an ideal baby sitter at an affordable cost. There are a lot of online sites to choose from though. If you want to find the best, here are some considerations to take note of.

Reputation and Length of Operation

Specialize in Babies – A sitter service should specialize in the field of baby sitting. Most online services however, would naturally claim to be real experts. The best way therefore to find the really good ones would be to take a look at their track record. How long has the sitter service been in business? Although new businesses may be just as good as old ones, it would be a good idea to stick with a company that has had a lot of experience. It shouldn’t just be any kind of experience though. A sitter service should have a long, extensive and expert experience in the field of baby sitting.

You might get a clue about company experience by reading what clients think. You can get a load of these by visiting independent parenting and sitting forums. Parents who are happy with a particular baby sitting company would be willing to say so online. The same can be said for parents who aren’t happy about a particular service. You would at least know which sitting service has the best reputation.

Services Offered

Baby sitting services should have a variety of services. This is because not every parent would have the same needs. In your case, you may also have varying needs at any given point in your family life. There may be times when you would need stay in sitters. At other times you may just prefer temporary sitter assistance. A good online service should be able to anticipate every client’s needs. There should be a variety of sitters who can stay in, stay out or provide short term service.

Extra Services – Aside from the kind of sitters offered, you should also look for other services. The most important of these is the character investigation. Online sitting services should be able to provide you with baby sitter character files with complete clearances. You probably do not want to end up with a sitter who has a criminal history or a drunk driving case.

Screening Procedure

A site’s screening procedure is also important. Will a site perform screening for you or will you be allowed to be the one to screen? If you are an involved parent, you are likely still interested in having a hand at the screening process. Find out how a site will help you do that. How can you schedule interviews with sitters? What kinds of questions can you ask them?


A good online service should have some form of guarantee. Find out what a sitter sitewill be willing to do for you if you end up not liking your sitter. You may also need to replace a sitter if she has to go for personal reasons. Will a site replace a sitter without extra charge?

As a whole, baby sitting services are truly a great idea. It is crucial though that you pick the right service if you want a good experience with your sitter.

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