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Posted in Toddlers on 21st December 2010

baby bedding? please answer urgent!?
hello everyone…

i bought the disney princess baby bedding for a crib about 2 weeks ago and returned it bcz it wasnt the real disney characters.

i ordered the real disney princesses bedding set but its for a “toddler” bed, but says it fits a standard crib mattress…and the only thing missing is a crib bumper…but it comes with a pillowcase. so im thinking they switched the pillowcase with the bumper.

so is that the only difference between a toddler and baby bedding? im starting to think the blanket itself will be bigger?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Mara
Nah it’s the same size.
Many cribs actually turn into a toddler bed (you just remove the side bars) so don’t worry…it will all fit.

Answer by I ♥ my little man!
I havent purchased any toddler bedding yet but all the pictures I see have the blanket hanging over the edge. This would lead me to think the blanket is bigger because crib blankets fit the top of the mattress…

Answer by Jas
The sheets will fit, but the comforter or blanket will be slightly bigger. My daughter’s toddler set also came with an additional partially fitted and partially flat sheet. But I never used the comforters that came with the crib sets b/c they were still too bulky and I always worried about them suffocating. You will probably get more use out of a toddler set than a crib set anyway; especially if u end up with a toddler bed.

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