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Posted in Babysitting on 16th January 2012

Ba Blanket Types

Article by Jane Hull

There are all sorts of types of baby blanket on the market, it’s hard to know what’s available and what to choose. Here are a few examples of styles and versions I have found online that serve many different purposes.

The first thing that most people think of when buying blankets, are for when their baby sleeps at night in cot or Moses basket, these are normally cellular blankets. However, most people who had had a baby have realised that these rarely stay on the baby during the night and they wake up cold. I have found a type of sleeping bag that the baby wears, their arms are out but the rest of their body is zipped in so they don’t get cold and they can’t throw off their covers.

There are so many blankets that are just standard baby blankets for prams or just general use. I have seen them in knitted wool, cotton, crocheted, and edged in silk, tags sewn on all the way round the edge as a comforter. I have also found companies that will personalise a blanket for you by embroidering the name or date of birth. It is worth getting a good quality baby blanket as they tend to need washing regularly with milk add other spills and they can be passed on from baby to baby and last for years.

The other type of baby blanket is the fitted or shaped blanket, sometimes called a foot muff or cosy toes for use in a buggy or car seat or any other seat, such as supermarket trolley, they can be really useful for preventing the blanket falling on the floor as they fit into the seat first and the baby sits on them and then they are zipped or wrapped up. These are a great alternative to the standard blanket as they keep the baby really warm but allow you to unwrap them if they get too warm.

You can also get car seat or buggy liners to keep everything clean and also give extra warmth from underneath; sheepskin versions of these are very popular as they are supposed to regulate heat efficiently.

A baby blanket for travelling can be the versions that I mentioned above, I also found a little bag which contains a blanket and pillow for travelling. It suitable for an older child, but is a really clever idea.

Larger blankets are also great to have with you when you are travelling they can be used as a picnic or kick rug for a baby if you are going somewhere and you want to lay them on the floor that might not be particularly clean. They can also be used to protect the carpet from milk and other spills, as long as they can be easily washed.

Whichever baby blanket you choose I hope it fits the purpose and are able to make an informed choice.

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