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Auto Insurance Quotes

5 Quick Ways to Save With Auto Insurance Quotes

If you plan on driving on the main roads of America, all states are going to require that you have some sort of auto insurance. Without that insurance, count on some heavy fines if you get pulled over. Whether you’re looking to switch insurance companies or you’re looking to insure your brand new car, here are some quick saving tips you should know about before asking for an auto insurance quote:

Always Comparison Shop

Don’t just settle for the first auto insurance company you come across. Instead, be sure to compare and get more than one auto insurance quote. The more quotes you get, the easier it will be for you to see how the prices vary on the market.

Be Accurate

With every auto insurance quote you get, always be exact with your answers.

Don’t lie about your driver’s record, the make and model of your car or your age. This can all come back to bite you because all insurance companies will perform a background check of some sort to get accurate information. By being accurate, you can be assured you’re receiving an exact quote.

Watch the Deductibles

Are you tight on a budget? If so, consider playing around with the deductibles and comprehensive numbers. The higher these numbers are, the lower your auto insurance quote will be. Most of the time, your deductibles will be around 30 to 60 percent of your overall quote. Most quote applications online allow you to play around with these numbers.

Know your Discounts

The moment you receive an auto insurance quote, don’t think that this is your quote set in stone.

Keep in mind that many insurance companies offer discounts for good drivers, senior citizens and those that have multiple policies with their company. So, if you have a policy with the same company for your boat, home and car, you can count on a small discount.

More Ways to Save

An auto insurance quote will have many other features that you didn’t even know about. This could include tow assistance, roadside help and even rental car insurance. Ask yourself if you really need these premium features. The more features you take off, the more you’ll be able to save.

To get an exact auto insurance quote online, start using one of the many reputable car insurance shopping engines on the Internet.




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