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Posted in Babysitting on 19th November 2010

question of hollisterbby2309 : How do I do now? Health wise, wise calories …?
Well, to begin first. I am short and thin. 68-70 4ft 10, of pounds.) I am 13 years old. I’m not a lazy bum. I find it uncomfortable to sit for an extended period of time. the only time I “sit” really is if I have to for school, or car rides. Or do I stand up straight. I hate sitting. I do not warum.Ich’m pretty active. I guess? lol. Well, I walk or bike almost every day. Unless it rains, and then I just kind of says to entspannen.Meine mother, I’m not eating enough and thinks I’m losing weight (I’m pretty sure that I maintained my weight, but whatever.) But for example today I ate: Breakfast: (? 300-400 calories) hot oatmeal Lunch: an apple, 2 pieces whole grain bread, 2 small (1.6 oz) packages of baby carrots Dinner: a cup and a half (about perhaps more likely) from rice, oat a healthy cookie thingie (60 CALs, 1 g fat, 4 g sugar.) 2 cups green beans, mushrooms, some (40 CALs.) And also I am a vegetarian. Normally I eat beans and stuff to help me get my protein, and tomorrow I’ll drink a protein shake to helfen.Auch I do not think that has to do with my food, but I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with severe pain is in my legs, it feels like my muscle is torn apart. It is really strange. I have a lot of walking and cycling, could be so out of it? I started to eat better this year, and I never got this pain in my legs before only this year I’m begonnen.und weiblich.yup, I have a high metabolism, I guess. When I got was at the doctor I weighed 69 pounds, after I ate dinner and drank. In the morning I’m about 66 kilos Best Answer.

reply by Ali C
Sounds really good to me! They eat more than me – but what the hell are you so thin? That does not sound right – you are sure you no more than 70 pounds? If so, you need a lot of weight gain. It is not uncommon to have pain in your legs when you lean.

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