HomeWorking MothersAre you missing your cat / kitten, if you work to the shops, or where you always they can not?
Posted in Working Mothers on 31st December 2012

you missing your cat / kitten, if you go to the shops, work, or place where you can not find it?
I love to do go home, I can see my cat Best Answer (s):.
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Yeah, I do, and all the people “no” I think they recognize them as Familie.Meine cats are my family, and I love home get and see them all happy and meow me 🙂

response from Demi Lovato
If I had my pet cat, I used to think in the class while in school and always ask my friend “Will my cat safe and give a call to my mother, if she is at home.” This made me confortable when I’m out. Think not only in the classroom, in the party, shopping or even for only minutes from I about my cat, I verwendet.Wenn come home first thing is to see my cat or ask my mother, “Where is my cat? ” If not at home i used to be very excited and nervous thinking something was going badly for my cat .. My cat was with me 4 years later where it went i don t no way I hear petting cats, because I go crazy again and can not respond to my work.

answer concentrate by jim m
I’m the same way. We love our cats! You can like a child.

response from Melissa
I always miss my cat where I go!

response from jljoanie be
Yes, I do. But the good thing my cats have a cat tree at home, so I know not to get bored. They are having the time of their lives on their playhouse.

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