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Posted in Working Mothers on 28th March 2013

you agree with Ann Coulter about single mothers?
She said: “It’s a disaster for the children I mean, of course, some of them can be overcome, but now we have 30, 40 years of data on this subject Eighty percent of prison inmates were raised by single mothers on the 70th… . percent of teenage runaways, juvenile delinquents and the girls get pregnant out of wedlock who were raised by single mothers “ Best Answer (s):

response from Ralfcoder
Ann Coulter seems to me as someone who is a fact never get in the way of an opinion, especially if it is their own war.Ich think if people to ignore them, they will last so full of their own bile and explodieren.Edit: I welcome GT man for his achievements. I was also raised by a divorced mother – along with 3 other siblings. Dad was in the picture, but we saw him once every other weekend, and the support was not always there. Not always his fault his situation was so-so at times. But I went to college (and paid for it myself), and now live a comfortable married life. My 25th Birthday with my first and only wife is coming. We have a son who is finishing his first year of college ist.Mein point in all of this to say that a bad start in life, not the demise anyone. And it’s not even work hard to overcome a start like this. What is needed is constant work for the long-term direction of the goal. Stay in school. Go to college to study for a good career, and finish the syllabus. Find a decent job – hell, no job, and move as you can and when you can. DON “T’re married one parent to you and ready for them to be, and not a dozen children. It is not impossible to make a decent middle-class life in this way without knocking himself out. And to pay if you want the first 20 years your life, you could knock it off by itself, and a millionaire entrepreneur, if you be careful how you do it können.Aber when Ann Coulter always comes to me and holds me as a figurehead, as you succeed in America, you better not in public, or they will get a shock when I tell her that I can do nothing with it.

response from johnb693 I would
not agree with Ann Coulter is she told me the sun came in the morning, and goes to the Nacht.Aber they may be right on this issue. It is not easy, the kids, even with two loving parents. And so much more difficult if it is a single mother ist.Wir all know, women get paid less than men and have more issues than men, even more so when a child erziehen.Was we should look for, is for the most part, where are the fathers of these children, and why they are not involved, if not in their child’s life, at least for the cost of their upkeep.

response from gt you Although statistics show
that as almost fact, I still disagree sein.Im a product of a broken home, and I am very successful both financially and emotionally (we lived near poverty so no, nothing was handed to me) I am also a single father, and I know in my heart that my son will turn out just fine.Oft (I realize not always tell) people use the excuse that they are a single mother, to be lazy and not instead of in their discipline and intensify while the job that they often fought so hard in court sind.PS johnb visit me sometime, I’ll introduce you to 6 other single fathers except me, mothers, deadbeats we are fathers (one cent support not say, child support that is) deny wrong, we simply take pride to make it myself. I will also be a ton of women, to facilitate the work when I came and paid more than I can get just to meet a quota, have recourse single white men NOTHING when getting a job, except our ability to do the job themselves tun.Und What planet are you living on where women live more spending? My life and then try to repeat your AussagenUnd Arella I’ve got enough on my plate to increase my child a lot of time lends a hand, other with their children

response from Arella Yonteff
It takes a whole village to educate a child, and no one is lending a hand more . A single mother raises her children to the best of their abilities, and no one bothers to ask where is the father. Mrs. Coulter is so blind. In her case, the concept of “think before you speak” would be really handy.

response from Mquin357 come
Some people are famous because they come up with new and interesting ideas … some are famous because they twist facts and take them some sick adapt agenda. Ann Coulter is the letztere.Ja, increased by one loving parent is not usually as good as the loving parents of two educated. This is a fact. However, their numbers wrong and gerissen.Crime out of context and parenting are related , but there is no evidence that we take the parents to blame for the actions of their children as adults, children who run away … mostly come from abusive homes -. there is a link between abuse and parenting … but the blame alone mothers … come on .. who like to blame ice is the sole reason why Western nations (not just America – even in Europe) are always dicker.Schließlich many people want a simple solution … no children outside the marriage. Great idea … not divorced … again get a great idea. But the truth is that there is limited willingness to actually tackle America’s problems with sexuality. 40% want free love, and only 40% want missionary married sex and only about 20% can even be said that America has the highest teen pregnancy rate of any modern western culture! Why?

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