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Posted in Child Support on 6th December 2010

Are women that collect child support “independent?”?
I hear women calling themselves “independent” these days and you can see how very proud of themselves they are when they do it. Many modern women seem to take great pride in the fact that they don’t “need” men.

…But I’ve noticed that there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down in the collection of child support. No, women that have the law on their side seem to get pretty “dependent” when the timing is right.

So can these women really claim “independence” when they are clearly “dependent” on a man?

If they’re not “dependent” then they can opt to not collect the support. Some women do this. That shows very clear “independence.”

Why aren’t the rest of the “independent” women fighting to have the laws changed that insist women are “dependent?” Aren’t they offended by the assumption that women need men to finance “their choice” with “their body?”

Nature gave men a free pass. Unfair laws turn men into indentured servants.

Why doesn’t there seem to be enough truly “independent” women these days?

Is abortion “for the child?” …Because women have a legal way out of parenthood and it doesn’t seem at all like the child benefits from the abortion procedure.

Should men be MORE responsible than the women that can legally opt out of that situation?

Why do only men have to be “responsible” with parenthood?

Women can shirk their parental responsibilities by aborting the child, giving it up for adoption or leaving it at a hospital with “no questions asked.”

That’s THREE ways to shirk responsibility.

Men don’t even get one.

Why is that? Why does society accept that?

So should abortion go away because women chose to have sex when they knew they might get pregnant?


Maybe we need to think the same way about men then, eh?

Best answer(s):

Answer by inquisitive
women exist for 2 reasons:

the satisfaction of men; and

to nag

Answer by Rio Madeira
If there is a demonstrated need for child support and it is collected, it’s for the CHILD, not the woman. If she’s abusing the system for her own gain, then she’s a selfish twit.

Answer by Know It All
Women who collect child-support and/or alimony so they can entertain their next/new boyfriend are definitely ‘independent’.


‘Should men be MORE responsible than the women that can legally opt out of that situation?’ — Women have the option to opt out (via abortions), but men can’t opt out? Where’s the equality in that?

Oh great — When a woman exercises HER choice, it is ‘abortion’, while when a man exercises HIS choice, it HAS to be vasectomy? Pure gold!

Answer by Ryde-On
No, no ,no , It’s the alimony that makes them independent.

Answer by Pam
Child support is for the cost of raising a child. Nature didn’t give men a free pass. You are responsible to pay for the children you bring into this world.

Answer by Jen N
It’s unfair for a man to send support to his own child? It is not being dependent to receive money for the rearing of a child. What on earth are you thinking? Getting a few hundred, if even that much in many cases, a month can in no way make a woman dependent on a man. In fact it can make very little difference in the grand scheme of things. If a man fathers a child he has a responsibility to provide for that child. Why shouldn’t he? The law shouldn’t even have to get involved, a man with any honor takes care of his kids without having to be made to do it. You are confusing a child’s dependence on parents with a woman’s dependence on a man. Can a woman be independent and still get child support, well lets see if she works, takes care of her kids, keeps a home, and pays her bills then YES she is independent of a man, even if he throws a little change for HIS kids.

Now there is another group of women out there, I’m not so sure what you would call them. You know who I’m talking about, the woman who gets a divorce takes the kids then doesn’t get a job. She lives off her ex husband like some kind of parasite, using her kids as leverage for more cash. That kind of woman can in no way shape or form claim herself to independent, she’s very much dependent on a man.

**Because a woman has a legal way out you think keeping a baby is a choice so if she chooses to keep the baby she should be the only one responsible? LOL, what a joke. That’s why it’s called a choice, just like a man has a choice, if he doesn’t want children, to have a vasectemy or to, oh here’s a thought, NOT HAVE SEX. There are choices on both ends, keep it in your pants if you don’t want to be a Dad.

But if a woman chooses any of those three options you mentioned, abortion, adoption (btw the dad has to give his concent for that) or abandoning a baby at the hospital the man gets out of his responsibility in all of those instanses as well. This is why there is birth control buddy, wrap it up or keep it in your pants those are YOUR choices. A woman can’t trap a man who doesn’t leave himself open to be trapped.

Answer by Lizz M
My dad gets child support off of my mommy =P

At least she is paying I would be really mad if she didn’t pay just because she didn’t want me. Everything is a lot of money!

I think most kids feel that way!

Answer by Jake S
If it’s “wife support” than she is dependent, but I think we’re talking about child support which SHOULD be about the child. Of course the courts are pretty lenient when it comes to how the money is spent. That’s why it’s such a sore point to men: not only do they not get custody of their child, but they sometimes also have to watch while the mother uses their money not for the child, but for herself. This is a rare instance of course, most moms aren’t complete twats.

Answer by keypointist
They are independent in the liberal feminist definition of independent. Independent of responsibility for themselves.

Answer by Danica t(^.^t)
My eyes are bleeding now

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