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Posted in Child Care on 17th August 2011

Are there men who want relationships with single mothers?
I have been a single mother for the last 10 years (since my divorce) and I feel as though I will always be alone. As long as a man doesn’t know I have children, he is interested. I have a good paying job and I have supported my sons and myself without help or welfare. I am not looking for a man to “take care” of us, only for someone to be my partner and companion. Is this too much to ask? Is there any hope?

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Answer by Bill
Not me. Im young though (21) when a girl tells me she has a kid thats my que to run

Answer by Pumpkin juice
Yeah… I mean i’m pretty sure I’m out of your age group. but If I was older I wouldn’t mind having a relationship with a single mother, what i wouldn’t want is her to fling it upon me like hey I got a kid when we 1st met. Bring it up on the 1st date and if the guy is sincere then he’ll want to meet him eventually.

Just don’t be too protective over your kid that you don’t want him to meet your new partner, otherwise it seems like your not giving them a chance and that you don’t trust them

Answer by Carlos
Depends on the reason you split up with their father.

Answer by Cereal Killer
There’s always hope for you because you sound like a smart,kind and independent woman. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

Answer by lil.ms.seductive
if you have any frnds who know single dads that woudl work.. some guys are just afraid of kids.. because of the pressure some moms put on them or they just want a single childless woman so they have their own time with you.. with kids come responsibilities and you might not always be available and he might get annoyed of not have that alone time perhaps a man sho is ine the same situation as you with a bit more understanding would be great!!

Answer by Lolita —
It depends how many sons you have.
If you have 1-2 than its not a problem but if it’s 3+ not everybody can handle it.

My mum never ever had problems, not matter if I was young or older and she got married 3 times and had relationships in between.

Maybe you start to talk to man about ur kids too much?

My mum never talked to her bf’s about me till they ask something and she did not tell if she had kids till they ask.

I actually got many presents from her bf’s so I never though having kid would be a problem.

I am 17 now, living with my mum and my 3rd step father who is very kind to me.

Maybe I am too young to give you some advice but I just told you how it was in my and my mum’s situation.

Answer by Will
It can be a very thankless role for a guy to walk into,he can find himself as the outsider,the evil step parent,no one wants to be painted with that brush. I believe you do have hope though things usually happen for a reason,just don’t expect it right away and don’t settle for 2nd best,sounds like you deserve the best.

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