HomeToddlersAre there any negative effects on babies or small children if they wear socks specially inside foot?
Posted in Toddlers on 18th February 2014

Are there any negative effects on babies or small children if they wear socks specially foot inside?
I heard a rumer that wearing socks for a long time affects the feet and the brain, too. How true is this Best Answer (s):

FallinHard answer
I do not know about the brain, heard that you need to haventjedoch the feet to breathe, so do not wear them 24/7

Reply ASA
rumors are stupid.

response from Ski Owl
not true.

Reply punchy333
you can slip on hardwood floors …… that’s the only thing I can.

Reply zarney think
never Socks causes the brain gehört.Abgesehen of the fact that they can slip them on, I do not see a problem with them personally, if they not too tight, which can cause problems with their feet.

Reply Heartbreaker
is a total lie! nothing bad will happen

Answer by Emmanuel M
No there is no trace of truth in that, it is only a speculation that

Answer by yorkie
make, only that the sock fits well. if it will fall wrinkles. if it is too small, it might be little toes beschädigen.Auch if it does not cut off circulation by too tight at the ankle.

Answer by My Girl , well they slip and fall
. barefoot better handles. Maybe if they wear socks slip and fall and hit her head, so as to affect the brain? lol … you know now say that shoes are bad because they do not allow the feet to develop the foot muscles as the shoes do the support. That’s why this leather moccasins are “in” for the babies. But socks …. that’s just stupid that no other lighter than slipping.

Answer by Stephanie K I
do not know about the brain, cause not believe that right. but incorrectly fitted shoes and tight socks effect a child bone, because it grows and forms are not ready yet, if they can just go in the house bear feet when the ground is safe. I also avoid baby grows for babies at night and tend to stick with pjamas, best known as a mother know you anyway with instincs. x

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