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Posted in Child Support on 22nd January 2011

Are the Republicans that still support “Bush” children playing follow the looser Warmonger?

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Answer by thefarmersson
I bet you would vote for Clinton again wouldn’t you. Don’t you see Clinton had the ability to stop terrorism in 1993 and in 1997 when he had the chance, HE DID NOTHING.
Now his lebian wife wants to run so he can pork more interns in the Oval office.

Answer by planksheer
Yes, thank god our national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over ! Bush’s handlers can continue to keep us in this Republican war on Iraq.

Answer by Answerman
To bad there are sick people in the world like the first poster, he is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. Clinton had nothing to do with our current dilemma, It is all George Bush’s baby. He attacked a sovereign nation for little or no reason, the first president to do that. It is the first time that America has aggressively sought war. The people that still support Bush have got to be the dumbest in the world, or they are getting a cut of the pie.

Answer by freetyme813
Patty, if you were smart enough to figure out how pathetically stupid your questions make you appear, you would be a conservative.

In this one alone, 4 spelling and grammar errors in a 13 word question – good for and illiterate imbecile who must have REALLY benefited from the regurgitation fed to her by the almost exclusively democratic run public school system.

You may want to start rehearsing – “Would you like fries with that”. I can assure you, that’s where you’re lack of intellect and slow wit have you headed

I’m not even going to address the content – you are American (I suppose) and good men and women, none of which have anything in common with you, have died to allow you to express your drool.

I would just suppose since you or your kind aren’t brave enough to spend time fighting the battles of freedom, the very least you could do, when you put those who do down, is address the issue as though you had at least 2 brain cells rattling around in the void that occupies the space between your ears.

There are so many mistakes in this one, simplistic question, it makes me wonder how you are actually able to get through the day – with a helmet on your head I imagine would be the safest. Then again, what is it really protecting? Apparently, not a f*cking thing.

If that is true, Does that make all the Democrats Jealous. Because they have no one to follow.
Well, then my answer would have to be NO they are not Children playing follow the loser warmonger.
Who ever that is.

Answer by Nahimana
I really Wonder how a president gets on T.V. in front of the U.S. in hard times and says” I read the papers and I like Rumsfeld and what I say goes cause I’m the president and that’s all the matters”. Well, I guess we don’t matter then cause with mannerisms like that no wonder people hate him. If that isn’t a Hitler remark I don’t know what is. Scares me!

Answer by sgt_k
Answerman couldn’t be more wrong on this one. President Bush has support precisely because he did what President Clinton FAILED to do. President Clinton failed to take the action necessary to protect this country.

Adopting a policy of pre-emption does not make President Bush a warmonger. It makes him prudent. It means he is fulfilling his duty to protect the American people. Letting conditions get to the point to where terrorists kill 3000 Americans in our street is absolutely wrong – and that is EXACTLY what President Clinton did. Al Qaida did not plan and execute 9/11 after 20 January 2001. It took YEARS of planning, surveillance and mock runs.

Terrorism declared war on America back in 1979 when the hostages were taken in Iran. They were freed moments after Reagan took office because the terrorists knew EXACTLY what Reagan would do.

Al Qaida declared war on America in 1993 when the bombed the WTC for the first time. President Clinton did NOTHING. Al Qaida attack Khobar Towers. President Clinton did NOTHING. Al Qaida attacked several American Embassies in Africa. President Clinton did NOTHING. Al Qaida attacked the USS Cole in Yemen. President Clinton did NOTHING.

In fact, President Clinton was offered Osama bin Laden no less than THREE times by the Sudan. He either acted too late or turned them down every time. Why is that? Well, one time, he could not be bothered to take the phone call in the middle of a golf game. One time he just flat out refused saying there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him.

I really recommend that you read “Dereliction of Duty” by Robert Patterson, a military aide to President Clinton. He was an eyewitness to a lot of this stuff. You can find it on Amazon for as little as $ 1.11. If you send me your address, I will send you my copy for free – I’ll even pay postage! 🙂

But go ahead an pick Answerman’s answer or one that mirrors it. We know the drill by now.

Answer by dink2925
Okay everybody, this is poor little Patty. Now, let’s all humor her so she doesn’t get her feeling hurt. She still believes there are no dumb questions, and she certainly doesn’t know that there are dumb questioners.

Yes, Patty, we are still playing follow the (sic) looser warmonger. You are such a bright child to have figured this out all by yourself.

All together, now, clap for Patty, you know how she is.

Answer by Barbra_Eden
They all sure did jump on the band-wagon really fast didn’t they. I am figuring High School or junior high most likely. They never bring anything to the table, but maybe some copy or paste. No original thoughts of their own, usually a quote from Rush Limbaugh that has no validity. Well it wont be to long and the Congress will change a lot quicker than they will be wanting it to. All I can say is vote them out.

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