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Posted in Working Mothers on 7th June 2011

Are republicans going to have to do some dirty work to shut Mitt Romney up?
My friend and I were howling in laughter watching him on CSPAN on his campaign trail…

He got into a nasty argument with one of his constituents because she questioned him about what he meant by “women shouldn’t be single mothers”

Then he tried to tell everyone that he would put Visa and Mastercard in charge of our immigration and national Identification… supposedly to make a “smaller government”…

He also told a really crude joke that ended with the punchline “because everyone hates a Yankee…” (and this was in New Hampshire…)

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Answer by McRomneyBamUaniTon
He’s an idiot. What else would you expect from an idiot?

Answer by paper mage
Dirty work? You mean, take out a hit? Because barring that, Mitt Romney’s campaign is unstoppable. There is no dirt on him. He’s never taken drugs (or gotten drunk, for that matter), he’s never cheated on his wife (or had more than one), and despite the fact that he’s a Republican, he’s not gay.

The only “problem” is his Mormonism, and I think we know that no one’s going to attack him over that. Not publicly, anyway.

Answer by pono7
first of all , what he was saying is that women shouldn’t HAVE to be single mothers. That men should step up, and those that abondon women there should be harsher child support rules. Visa and mastercard was a joke, saying that they have better track of their customers than the U.S. does- he didn’t mean it literally, and if you didn’t catch that- than you shouldn’t be allowed to vote, because it was quite obvious! and i have never heard that he joked that everyone hates a yankee- i would like a link to that- but aside from that- he is the governer of MASSACHUSSETTS! He IS a yankee- so i’m sure it was a self directed joke! but nonetheless i would like the link to prove this joke was even said! Let’s not try to take things out of conext just to make a point!

Answer by James Dean
I hope Mitt Romney and the other neocons lose and Ron Paul gets the Republican Party nomination and then wins the 2008 presidential elections.

Answer by John S
It seems they have a new plan. A tap dancer will follow him around disguised as a bathroom stall. As soon as Mitt starts tapping in unison he will be exiled to the Craig ranch in Idaho.

The Yankee joke was referring to the MLB rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the NY Yankees btw
The constituent that was arguing was ignorant trailer park white trash.
And Visa and Mastercard actually do a exponentially better job of keeping track of people and money than the INS or the GAO.

It seems fitting that he likes to joke as he himself is one.

Answer by celticpride349
you know good Ole Mitt is doing what ever he can to save the GOP all the republicans don’t really have anyone out there ticket to get is done and get it done right. with Fred in the race i doubt he can save republicans as well. they are already capping on the guy saying he is more of an actor then a politician. I think the GOP need something more then Reagen or the war on terror to save them because they are getting there butts whipped by the Dem’s who in my opinion are in fact all in it ToGetHer get it but anyway the republicans need to start backing somebody and using them to gain on the Dem’s

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