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Posted in Child Support on 12th January 2014

Are all the people forced to pay the child?
As once the baby is born force the government to pay the guy to child support to the mother, or if it has something to do things court to obtain child support? in my opinion, the child’s mother has only the father what the baby needs all that he can go out and buy it, instead of telling the mother the money because some women can just take the money and spend it on themselves. ‘ strong> The best answer (s):

Trixie Delight answer
Did you know that some fathers are actually married to the mothers? Or at least living with them?

Answer by Charles Veidt
So, do you think all the people willing to participate in the education of children? That there is no such thing as a Deadbeat Dad? Course there is. The laws exist to protect the children. ** It is not a punishment for the parents -. Is it to ensure that children are cared

Answer by Kathi S
Because some men feel that if they occasionally buy a box diapers they are “supporting” the child . both parents are equally responsible for the cost of the provision of housing, food, clothing, education, health care and other necessities. Unfortunately, many men when they are no longer they no longer support in a relationship with the mother loose interest in the children and that is why the court ordered to protect a certain amount to the children.

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