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Posted in Child Support on 19th December 2010

Any idea” Child Support”?
In the state of Florida do you know how much I can get from my kids father in child support if I raised my kids on my on for last 5 years I have 2 kids by him? yes he sign the birth certificate.

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Answer by aussieblond75
how much i can get?????????????? what about “how much his children can receive?

Answer by Dave
31 percent of his income.

Answer by Leogirl0804
The rate will depend on his pay. You won’t get back child support unless there was a court order, but going forward you should.

Answer by xogoodluckcharm18ox
First off the money isnt yours its the childs thats why they call it child support!!! But it goes by how much money he makes.

Answer by sinceray3
No idea on Florida Depends on your circunstances Depends on his gross pay if employed You might be able to collect back support as well.Good Luck.

Answer by tiffylea
I don’t know about Florida but here in Texas my hubby was slammed with over $ 10,000 in BCS (she hid my sd from my hubby) for 4 years…then his accruing cs was 20% his income.

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