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Posted in Child Support on 2nd January 2011

An Overview on Child Support

The law mandates all parents to support their children. However, if separation or divorce dissolves the marriage, the court will decide upon the legal support for the child. It is often demanded to the non-custodial parent and can either be direct or indirect.

Providing support for the children is a common responsibility of both parent and a fundamental right for the child. It should be sufficient for the well-being, upbringing, and development of the child.

Almost all states and countries recognize and implement child support enforcement. The legislation and implementation varies from place to place and is supported by human rights and child welfare regulations. There are also several law firms in various states like the ones in California, Kansas, and Florida.

The parent’s obligation to support the child lasts until the child reaches the age of majority which depends on the law of the state. Support also ceases when the child is emancipated or is no longer within the jurisdiction of the parents. Despite the diversity of every state’s policies, the formula to establish the amount of support that is due to the child remains the same. There are three different formulas when determining the appropriate amount involved in child support enforcement. Jacksonville is one of the many cities that follow these formulas.

The first one is the income shares formula. During the proceedings, the court will determine the needs of the child. The net income of both parents is combined and the distribution of the needs of the child is divided equally to both parents. Another known formula is the percentage of obligor income formula. This is the second widely used formula involved in child support enforcement. Jacksonville, FL is also one among the many states that uses this formula.  This calculation involves the percentage of the income of the paying parent.

The last formula is called the Melson formula. This includes the economic conditions of the parents and their capacity to support the child. It is also considered a complicated formula for computing the amount involved for child support enforcement. Jacksonville has some of the law firms and capable of utilizing this method. It also involves determining the standard living and the overall equities of the family’s situation. Whatever method is used, the courts make sure they make an equal distribution and an accurate computation of the amount that is due and enough to secure the child.

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