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Posted in Child Care on 2nd January 2011

An angry child and how to do deal with him?
I am working with a child (from a very dysfunctional background) who is 6 yrs. old. He will scream back at you saying things such as “b*** I don’t care!” throw chairs and other behaviors.

What should I do?
I’m his teacher. I will be his mentor this summer.
Jake: thanks for the tip. Easier said than done sometimes : )

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Answer by cute23angel

Answer by mel
slap him for me.


Answer by Sarah A

Good luck!

Answer by Karen
what exactly are you working on with him? he needs therapy to calm down

Answer by H A E
Talk to your employer about better training. No one should be working with a child who has these kinds of behavior problems without knowing appropriate ways of handling them. My sister works with kids who have severe behavior disorders, and there are safe ways of restraining them so they can’t hurt you or anyone else, but if you don’t know what you are doing you could seriously injure someone.

There’s a reason that abuse is rampant in the social service system, and it’s because people are put into these situations without the training they need to deal with them. I feel for you, but I feel more for the kids because they’ve been let down by their parents and again by the system. šŸ™ Please fight for the resources you need to help this kid.

Good luck!

Answer by jake
you should not get angry at him dont raise your voice when he is misbehaving just let him throw his fit and then he will be calmer and a little easier to deal with and make him feel safe and tell him ‘no one will know but me it is ok you can talk to me’ and ask him what is the matter and why he is so angry

Answer by First Time Mom
I am a first grade teacher so I understand. You have to stay calm but firm. Give him a cool down space and time. Give him as much structure as possible and love him as much as you can.

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