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Posted in Babysitting on 13th January 2012

Am I the only person in the world who think school buses are completely unsafe?
There are no safety restraints, no air conditioning, only one adult on the bus to “babysit” and that person is distracted with driving. Drug deals, bullying, stabbings all going on with no adult to prevent it. Sure there are cameras, but you only see things after they’ve happened. And what if there’s an accident. Children under 4′ 9″ are suppose to be in booster seats and under 40lbs in a car seat but they’re free to roam on a school bus. Tickets for all other kids not in seatbelt in a car, but free to walk around on a bus. Buses should be illegal or brought up to safety standards. The school my daughter goes to won’t even allow her to go on a field trip unless she goes with the class on the bus. I’m not taking that chance, so she has to miss out. Really sucks! Am I the only one who’s concerned about school bus safety?

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Answer by lodeemae
ive wondered that myself.
it is illegal for us to transport them without a seat belt. we are bad parents unless they are buckled up. but they can roam on a bus with no problem.

thats messed up

Answer by Alright!
Yes, yes you are.

Answer by anonymous
I agree. Makes no sense. Half the time the bus drivers aren’t watching the road either.

Answer by joane
Thumbs up to you for bringing this to the publics attention. I often talk about this with my husband. If we didn’t wear seatbelts or make our children wear seatbelts the police would be all over us and cps would say we are bad parents but the buses can put multiple children on a bus with no restraint and they drivers drive like they had a case of beer for breakfast. God willing. my children will not be put on a bus. I wish they would at least put seatbelts.

Answer by Ronna S
You are right—they are completely unsafe—and here is the kicker: I saw a 20/20 type show a couple of years ago about how unsafe US school busses are. What is boiled down to is that the bus companies have mathematically determined that it’s cheaper to have a few lawsuits each year (I don’t recall the exact number) than to actually install safety equipment on all the busses. Nice, eh? Gotta love good ol’ fashioned capitalism…

Answer by Pretty Lady
I agree about seatbelts. The kids should have them. But then again, with all the lame azz bus drivers who end up stopped on railroad tracks, i wonder if it isn’t safer for the resilient kids to get bounced around a bit yet be able to scramble out of that death trap. 🙂

Answer by lyndseynicolef
no i don’t want to put my daughter on a bus when she starts going to school which will be next year. i am planning on bringing her to school and picking her up. i think that school buses are very unsafe and just the thought of sending a tiny little 5 year old girl on a bus frightens me.

Answer by whisperofsmoke36
Agree with you 100 percent..also from a personal point of view as a child i was absolutely terrorized on the bus.Being poor at that time kids made fun of me and actually would hurt me physically ..bus driver did zero to stop it.I always swore my kid would never ride one.And i cant believe they don’t have seat belts!!!!

Answer by Legs
I think you are absolutely correct. And they have always been that way… it is nothing new.. My husband and I agreed before we even had kids, that we would NEVER put them on a school bus… it is just too risky!

And don’t even get started on the ding-bats that they hire to drive these things..

Answer by joyfulpriss
I completely agree with you.. it is an issue that needs to be raised in our children’s schools….Another adult at elst should be put onteh bus to supervise and seatbelts should be installed as well. In my area the only concern teh school boards have is over crowding on the busses.. this woudn’t be an issue if they assigned seatbelts to the seat so only a certain number of kids could use the bus at a time. Buses aren’t cheap i’m sure, but the lives of our children are even more precious and valuable!

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