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Posted in Child Support on 18th September 2012

Am I going to have to pay child support?
I had to fight tooth and nail just to get ~50% custody of my daughter. I want 50%+ custody because I think my daughter needs me and will be better off the more time she spends with me. So physical custody is about a concern for her not money.

Her mom has already filed for child support. Her mom lives at HER mom’s house and is on food stamps and gets checks just for taking classes online. She is also living with two other people who do work and pay some of the bills. She also has a kid with another guy who gives her “child support” under the table. So basically she is getting money from everyone and doing nothing in return.

I don’t make much. In fact I barely make enough to survive on the bare essentials. I am going to have a hard enough time just surviving without her trying to vampire my money for the next 18 years. I mean I have to take care of my daughter too.

Are they going to make me pay child support even though it could break me?

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Answer by Emma Vader
Usually child support is 30% of the income.
However, due to your circumstances, things might change.

Answer by fizixx
So…..in other words your ex is trailer trash.

You will have to just hope that your lifestyle and especially your INCOME is good enough to warrant that your kids have most of the time with you. If you end up going to court, make sure you have all your documentation.

Answer by Barb Outhere
In Australia, Child Support is calculated on both the amount either parent has coming in, and the actual time that each has the child in their care.
The one with a lower income (when time is split 50/50) may receive some support, (but not the full 30% as some one else claimed) because each parent is required to provide for the child while in their care.
However if she’s claiming food stamps they may come after some of your income to reimburse part of the costs – or you may need to prove due to her supported living situation, that she’s not actually entitled to it.

Answer by no1advice
YA an what you need to do is stop having any sex without protection….you are the poster child for protection my friend.

Men don’t think about the financial resonsibilty of sticking that diick in …….I wish I could have shielded my son (22 yr old) and made him see what your taking about. . But he didn’t listen to me.

You now will have much more than 18 yrs of paying. You have child support with medical help, educational help such as Dad I want to join cheerleading squad and I need money for that…….Dad I am joining the baseball team but mom won’t pay for the uniform…I need help. Dad I want a car…I have my license…..I have a job but it only pays hundred dollars a week and I need to get a car so I can go to college and work……Dad….I need…….Dad I got Susan pregnant……….

See it doesn’t end at 18……keep that diiick covered for now on in sex……….I wish my son had listened to us……maybe you will see the light here…..hopefully…….

Answer by Ange
If you legally obtain 50% of custody through the courts then no child support would be needed. You pay for the things she needs when she is with you as well as her paying for the things your child needs when she is with your ex. But if you dont obtain a court custody order then yes you will have to pay child support, wich is usually maximum for one child is 18% of your income. My suggestion is to take her to court if you did not already, because if you did usually a support order would have been done in that court hearing. Child support issued by the state does not by any means that your ex has legal custody of her it just means that she has the actual physical custody, but like i have said if she has her only half of the time you don’t owe her any child support. If you havent already you need to file for custody of your daughter with the courts, if you dont your ex can say that the child is with her more and there fore that makes you liable for child support.

Answer by Jade M
Maybe; it depends on the laws of your state.

Answer by George McCasland
It will be based on your difference in income. These links will teach you about your rights.
Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents
To learn a father’s rights, join Dads House Educational Center in Yahoo Groups. It’s free to join, access all materials You associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone through, the same issues. We have an Educational Manual that teaches everything that needs to be known in addressing your legal issues. Mention your question here when asked why you want to join, as well as your state? http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Dads_House_Ed_Ctr/
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dads-House-Educational-Center/112967188746254 \\\\

Answer by Liz
As someone already said, your ex is trailer trash. Yet there was a moment in time when you looked at her and thought to yourself: “Yep, THIS is the perfect mother for my future child.” And then you proceeded to stick it in without a condom. Tell me dear, were you born clueless?

Answer by Kelly Anderson
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