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Posted in Working Mothers on 13th January 2011

allyuh know I not ah jokey person but tell me if allyuh like dis one?
it ah little rude eh…jus ah little….

One night Charlie walked in to his parents room without knocking and saw his mother on top his father having sex. the little boy was confused so he asked “mammy, what yuh doing naked an jumpin up an down on top ah daddy?” his mother replied, “Well son, your father belly getting big so I up here helpin him to carry it down. Go back in yuh bed.”
The little boy looked at his mother more confused than before but he did as he was told. The next mornin as soon as his father leave for work Charlie went to his mother, “mammy, yuh know wha yuh doin to carry dong daddy belly wouldn’t work.” His mother asked, “why yuh sayin dat son?” Charlie replied “mammy, every time you gone out de neighba does come an blow it up back!”

Best answer(s):

Answer by ryman802
that was stupid im really sorry to say

Answer by Re$ h
oh gosh!!
ah soon as ah come back allyuh make meh laugh!!
good one dey girl!!!

ah wuda kill dat neighbour!!

Answer by mickey
wow wtf

Answer by thinker_belle_1981
oh oh looks like Charlie father in some trouble when he gets back from work – unless Charlie’s mother take a little trip down to her huzzie’s workplace- yikes !! this was funny hehe

Answer by AccessDenied
lmao…good one!! lol

Answer by curious!
Hilarious – kinda reminds me of the milkman joke!

Answer by julien
oh ship !! Charlie buss de mark.

Answer by simplibluesocks
jeeze an ages! dat crack meh up. yuh have any more?

Answer by hottadanpepa
lmao loooooooooool.
Somebody azz in some serious trouble hehehe
Good One lez.

Answer by triniwondagirl
wey dred
i now return to the posse and allyuh bussin down dese jokes
i like dis one
but i was killin de neighba and divorcin mi husband and tekkin half ah evrythin!!

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