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Posted in Child Care on 5th January 2011

All About Nanny Your Child Care Taker

Nanny is a person whom you entrust your kid with an expectation that she would take care of your kid. Nannies should have the welfare of your child as their primary concern. It is always preferable that you take good care in allocating the work which you entrust to your nanny. Allocating work to a nanny which is not related to child care may take away the focus of nanny from the original task. Tasks which are related to the child care can be as follows:

· Children’s laundry

· Meals

· Clean dishes after the child’s meals

· Keep the children’s bed area and the playing area cleaned

It is always important that you hire the best nanny in town so that your child is in safe hands. It is quite important that your child gets the right things at the right time. So to hire a nanny these would be some of the following tips which you ca follow

Follow the complete process
It is important that you follow the complete process and check for references and ignorance of this important step really cause you to regret in future. Another important aspect many people tend to skip is writing the agreement. Ignorance of this aspect can lead to a chaotic situation in future. Hence it is important that you follow the process properly without skipping any of the steps in between. Ignorance may lead you to repent in future.

State the needs clearly:
Have a clear cut idea of what you are actually looking for, be clear with the skills and characteristics you are looking for in your ideal nanny, your budget and the duties you want the nanny to perform, the time table you want the nanny to perform. It is always that you prioritize your expectations and prescribe them clearly.

Selecting the recruitment method:
The recruitment source in selecting a nanny can either be by approaching an experienced nanny agency, getting information from internet or it can even be word of mouth.

Evaluation of the candidates:
Incase you have decided to select a nanny from a nanny agency then the agency would send you portfolios of the pre screened candidates which have been done based on your needs and conditions. This is one of the advantages of selecting an agency; otherwise the tedious pre screening has to be done by us. The data collected by them on the information pertaining to nannies is collected in a structured form which facilitates an easy understanding in the evaluation of nannies. Incase you are not going for the agency then in such a case it would be a good idea that you maintain an recorded greetings which can include the timings preferable for work, details about your kids, their age, the salary range. This can lower your burden.

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